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AP — Colleges across the country are struggling to salvage the fall semester amid skyrocketing coronavirus cases, entire dorm complexes and frat houses under quarantine, and flaring tensions with local community leaders over the spread of the disease. Many major universities are determined to forge ahead despite warning signs, as evidenced by the expanding slate of college football games occurring Saturday. The football-obsessed SEC begins its season with fans in stadiums.

Several teams in other leagues have had to postpone games because of outbreaks among players and staff. Dallas P. Assistant Chief Avery Moore said Tuesday the wounded suspect said Brown shot him in the chest during an argument between Green and Brown. The two men drove their wounded colleague to a hospital before leaving the city. It is unknown how the three Rapides Parish men came into contact with Brown or why they chose to drive over miles to purchase marijuana in Dallas.

He is super strong, has a wide knowledge of all kinds of weapons, doesn't need to eat or sleep. He could keep guard 24 hrs a day and best of all would have no fear of getting bitten. Sure the zombies might like to chew on his living tissue around the endoskeleton, but that wouldn't slow him down and if he had that protective directive to help me, he'll never give up and bail on me.

Here is a scene from the original Terminator showing the type of damage he can do to multiple attackers. Who else would the League recruit for their sidekicks, read about them here: Cool and Collected wants a guy who "ain't got time to bleed".

Revenge of the Cosmic Ark wants a girl who has a leg up on the competition with a machine gun. Sexy Geek's House of Swag teams up with pro-wrestler the Undertaker. Labels: league , terminator , zombie. Today I had a chance to watch the Prometheus full length trailer a dozen times. Basically, just random thoughts, ideas, and things I've taken from the film. Grammar and run-on sentences will abound much like a swarm of Alien warriors on LV I've read interviews and such, but not a ton of news as to really keep the surprises to a minimum for me in the form of official stuff, like this trailer and the final film.

The first two huge things that I really enjoy about the trailer are that 1 it shows much more about the story than we saw in teasers previous to this. Which I feel was to really hit fans with this trailer and sort of bring down expectations to a degree. If that space jockey had eggs on the ship, why would his beacon be giving off a warning?

Wouldn't he be really wanting something to come to the ship, so that his bio-mechanical creations could infect others if he created them at all. Speaking of that alien ship. It appears from the trailer that they discover it being beneath the surface of the planet they are on, which I theorize is LV They show the ship on some digital display that it's clearly the ship from Alien. Then we get to see the "space jockey" walking around and sit in the chair that he's later discovered on in ALIEN.

Also it shows the ship emerging from the ground and from what I can tell the human explorers running their ship into the alien ship to destroy or at least keep it from taking off into space. They show an explosion as if you are on the ground looking up and see the alien ship coming down. You hear someone say the ship is planning to go to Earth, and then a female character say "we were so wrong" and "if we don't stop it, there won't be a home to go back to".

Which indicates they know the ships cargo is those eggs or at the very least he holds something that could destroy the Earth. There is a quick scene of one of the women investigating something on the planet and saying "Oh the head, it's changing" and she's crying, but looks like she's crying maybe in awe and amazement rather than fear. I wonder what that is about.

Is it that human face we've seen on the marketing material? Why would a human like face be on an alien planet? Good fun questions to think about. Well that's about all I have for now Ridley said we would not see a xenomorph in this film but man Labels: alien , horror movies , sci-fi , trailer.

Did the final result live up to your dreams? I am a huge fan of both the Predator and Alien franchises. One of my favorite things, at least up to that time, was when Dark Horse put out "Aliens vs Predator" first in "Dark Horse Presents , then as a 4 issue series. It was spectacular and really captured the flavor of both franchises with a solid story that I hoped would one day show up on the silver screen. Labels: alien , comics , league , monster , movie , predator. Many years ago there was a blog, that is now abandoned, called "Thrift Store Adventures" and this guy would go out and browse thrift stores and take pictures of the cool, weird and just strange things he found.

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and got a new appreciation for those kinds of stores. Eventually my wife and I started going to some to hunt for cool items. I once saw two Stridor robo-horse He-Man vehicles and thought "wow this stuff must be here all the time". Sadly, I was wrong and finding gems is far and few between, but very fun when you do. I'll post pictures here of the stuff that turned out well photo wise or was just worth sharing on the blog.

If you want to see more picts that don't make it to the blog you can follow me on Instagram FijiMermaid and my wife DiscoHulk. Which movie would you like to see a sequel made in with the original cast members, who have aged the same as you and me.

Nine times out of ten, sequels to great movies are a bad idea, so I thought, why not see a sequel to a movie that was disturbing from the start? Labels: league , movie. This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers theme, idea this week is one that really can give you some hard core thinking to do.

The third prisoner has since been taken to his intended destination — a southern Arizona jail. The Barksdales were arrested May 24 near Rochester, New York, on suspicion of first-degree murder and other crimes related to the April death of a year-old man in Tucson. Tucson police say a fire followed by an explosion broke out in April at the home of Frank Bligh. His car was found abandoned the next day. While his body has not been found, investigators say evidence in the car indicated he was likely dead.

The Barksdales were later identified as suspects. He believes they are somewhere in the Southwest, possibly Arizona or New Mexico. He also thinks they likely have since shed their prison uniforms.

On June 9, , officers were sent to the Wagon Wheel motel at E. Amarillo Blvd. to meet the ambulance on a subject that was down and not moving. Upon arrival, officers found the body of 24 year old Shamika Scott in room # Scott’s death was ruled a homicide, and investigators discovered that Shamika had been smothered.

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  7. Murder on Mars is a juvenile science fiction novel, the sixteenth in Hugh Walters' Chris Godfrey of U.N.E.X.A. series. It was published in the UK by Faber in It was the second in the series to switch to detective work rather than space exploration. Plot summary. In a crater on Mars an engineer from Mars Base has been found dead, his spacesuit slashed.
  8. Oct 12,  · Prosecutors charged an Amarillo man with murder on Friday in the shooting death of another man at an Amarillo Boulevard motel. Amarillo SWAT and .

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