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Samuel Rowan 27 Dec Excellent Product! Excellent Production Speed! Excellent experience! Johnathan Foster 16 Dec I thought the vinyl was perfect until I played it. It looked beautiful with the image I chose and my girlfriend thought it was the most amazing Christmas present. Then we played it and the last song always cuts out early on each side. I made sure to choose songs that were under the allowed 10 minutes by more than a few seconds but I guess they don't test the vinyls for quality control otherwise they would of caught this.

For such an expensive product you would think the results would be much better. My attempts to contact customer service were futile and went nowhere. Overall, a very disappointing Christmas experience. Very happy with my results! The website was easy to use, the team was friendly and quick to respond, the shipping was very fast came early , and my vinyl looked and sounded amazing!

Gorgeous record and incredible customer service when I came across any issues. Jon Abbas 08 Aug Just want to share the joy and excitement I received from the process of creating my own Vinyl for someone special. What you and your Team has provided is an amazing way to keep in contact with people we care about and when they will listen to the music, it will help us connect on many different levels.

Lizzy Fox 22 Feb One of the songs ends kind of early on Side B but apart from there it seems okay. I was very happy that our Vinylify records were here in the USA in only a fortnight!

So much quicker than ever expected! The records arrived safe and sound! Speaking of sound; WOW. The records sound just wonderful. Thank you again for so prompt service! Start Your Siding Project Today. First, we recommend investing in a large, good quality caulking gun. There are cheaper and smaller options are out there, but we find that these will usually cost you more in the long run with cleanup since they are messier and require more frequent refilling.

During the caulking process, it is essential that you have a cloth or towel ready to mop up and smooth and excess product before it sets on your siding and makes a large and tough-to-clean mess.

And if you feel this job is out of your depth and personal expertise, you can always give yourself peace of mind and simply bring in a professional to complete the job for you! How it works. Plan your project. Find local contractors. I'm a contractor. Add in the nailing strip, bracing or sheathing, plus taxes, etc. Tongue-and-groove siding is another all-natural and environmentally friendly way to side your shed.

The planks lock together with the tongue fitting into the groove, helping to keep the elements and insects out. Both faces are often also beveled where the tongue and groove meet. The bevel is both decorative and helps to shed moisture. The planks are usually installed directly to the studs in a horizontal pattern, but can be installed diagonally to the studs, or vertically to strapping or blocking. One face of the plank is often smooth finished, while the other is left rough.

Nail through the face of the bottom plank, about an inch up. At the tongue edge, diagonally drive a nail through just below the tongue. That will allow the groove edge on the next board to cover and protect the nail head. You may need to drill a pilot hole to prevent the tongue from splitting. As one row is completed, continue with the next.

You may want to square trim the shed corners to make a tidier finish. Each Board covers approximately 3. Bevel siding is softwood plank siding that has been milled to look like a wedge. It is also known as clapboard, lap, or weatherboard siding. It is usually milled from pine or spruce but is available in cedar and cypress too. The layers overlap to provide a barrier from the elements, insects, and critters. Some bevel planks have a notch rabbeted into the bottom edge so it can fit over the narrow top of the plank below it, allowing it to attach flush with the studs.

Before installing, it may be easier to square trim the shed corners and openings so the siding finishes flush against the corners. Nail the first plank to the studs and bottom plate, then overlap with the next row by 1-inch. Nail through the middle of the plank, not the overlap — this allows for expansion and contraction. The cost to bevel side a shed depends on the wood used and the dimensions of your building. The cost increases with larger plank dimensions and wood type.

Channel siding is pine, cedar or other softwood lumber that has a rabbeted groove or lip at the bottom that overlaps the top face of the plank below it. The top edge usually has been narrowed or thinned with a cove, channel or bevel so the boards can be installed flush against the studs when they overlap.

The planks can be smooth or rough and have a flat profile, shiplap profile, wedge shape profile, or a rounded profile, so it looks like logs. The larger the dimensions and the more select the lumber, the greater the price.

You can also purchase pre-primed or stained limber too. The nail should not go through both planks, allowing for seasonal expansion and contraction. The wider the plank, the more nails needed per stud. Make a spacer stick to help maintain the gap as you nail each row. For a neat finish, square trim the corners and openings of your shed before siding. The type of wood, plank dimensions, and the siding profile affect the price, as do the shed dimensions. To side the shed: sq. Cedar shingles or shakes are usually split from cedar logs, but can also be split from other softwoods too.

Graffiti on backside see photo. No shrinkwrap. Spine is in poor condition, abundant cracks and roughness. Lettering is barely even visible. Scotch tape all over the place, etc. Plenty of evidence of general roughness on either side, but no other specific damage or wear to disclose. Cover has many, many few rough spots, and is barely in acceptable condition overall. No glue separation. Minor bent corner creases top corners, no graffiti. The mouth edge is fairly smooth, no rips or tears about it, just a few minor nicks and dings.

Sleeve is decent except for the seam split mentioned earlier. Clean, no scratches, tears, but graffiti on side one see photo. Background base colors, and logos are still bold, black fine print is not faded, or faint.

Very minor wear around the spindle hole on both sides, no nasty cracks. Other than that, just a few minor dings see photos. Almost no visible spindle trails on both sides.

Each side is in very nice condition all around. No excessive noise, and what noise there is, is somewhat minimal during tracks play. The record sounds really nice, and has only modest very light to light scattered surface noise on each side. There are three light pops at the end of the last track on side two. Light wear is noticeable on both sides, but the vinyl is not overly dull in appearance.

The record was played frequently, and nearly overplayed on older equipment, and obviously from the scratches, a bit carelessly. A thorough "professional" type deep cleaning might enhance overall sound quality, but the record sounds pretty good as is.

Name: VA – Gold Rock Hits () KBPS Size: GB Genres: Rock, Hard Rock Album: Gold Rock Hits Tracklist: napotpickratmures.alsupvestraclimodukbestlicenttacta.co – IV LO Bob Dylan – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.

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  1. Explore releases from the Zig Zag label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Zig Zag releases.
  2. Below are stated conditions for a used vinyl records at Dusty Groove. Grading for the cover should be assumed to be near (within a "+" or "-") the grading for the vinyl. If there is significant divergence from the condition of the vinyl, or specific flaws, these will be noted in the comments section of the napotpickratmures.alsupvestraclimodukbestlicenttacta.co: Philadelphia International (Label).
  3. Very Good. Vinyl can have some dirt, but nothing major. but we choose it because we try to offer Used CDs in the best shape possible. he was really expanding his style, hitting a laidback groove that went way LP, Vinyl record album. Robert Glasper Photograph. Back Lot, New Copy. LP $ Brand: No Business (Lithuania) (Label).
  4. There are different siding options, which give different styles or profiles of finish. They are also influenced by what material the siding is made. For the purpose of comparison in the options below, I’ll use an 8’x10’ gable shed with a 6’ double door opening, one 2’x3’ window in the front wall, and a wall height of 8’-1 1/8”.
  5. A record is a vinyl platter with a groove cut in a spiral pattern around its surface. The needle, or stylus, is placed at the edge of the record and is pulled into the groove as the turntable’s platter rotates. The shape of the record’s groove causes the stylus to vibrate up and down and from side to side.
  6. Nov 05,  · Vinyl is the plastic material records are pressed onto and is sometimes used as the plural of “record.” Vinyls is a misuse and, depending on who you say it in front of, will garner a casual.
  7. This is a very difficult question to answer, as there isn’t really one correct answer. However, there are many opinions on the subject, and here’s mine: It depends. If you get a good turntable with a good stylus and get albums that are in good con.
  8. The personalized cover and vinyl are very good quality. Vinyl looks beautiful in blue. Very happy with my personalized record! (i read it on an other 1 cut vinyl website to spin it a few times) to get the groove wider so the sound gets better!! So it was turning out Phuqing GREAT! I made sure to choose songs that were under the allowed.
  9. At that time I knew already that my hearing range is quite good, still well above 16 kHz. I made many tests with the DAT if I could tell a difference between an SP ( or 48 kHz) or an LP (32 kHz) recording of a vinyl record. I couldn't, even though the LP recordings were silent above 16 kHz. Go figure.

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