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Dei omfattar tema som individualisme, fri vilje, sensur , musikkindustrien og seksualitet, og driv satire med katolisisme og scientologi. Albumet fekk opphavleg middels til positive meldingar, men kritikarane hylla den nyskapande og originale musikken, men kritiserte dei skatologiske, seksuelle og spottande tekstane. Ron Hubbard , i tillegg til new age -tru og den seksuelle revolusjonen. For omslaget vart Zappa fotografert med andletet farga svart, og med ein mopp i handa. Albumet er sidan hylla som eit landemerke.

Gitarsoloane som hat Zappa speler i Joe sin fantasi brenn med ein einsemd og frykteleg venleik. Album - Billboard Nord-Amerika. Joe's Garage. Act I Tittel Lengd 1. This view inspired the lyrical content of "Crew Slut", in which Mary, Joe's girlfriend, falls into the groupie lifestyle, going on to participate in a wet T-shirt contest in the following track, "Fembot in a Wet T-Shirt" [7] [8]. Ron Hubbard , as well as new age beliefs and the sexual revolution.

The Central Scrutinizer sings the last song on the album in his "regular voice", and joins in a long musical number with most of the other people that worked with Zappa around At the beginning of the album, in Act 1, we are introduced to " The Central Scrutinizer ", the album's narrator, who brings us a "special presentation" on music's bad influences on man.

We are introduced to Joe, the main character in the presentation. Joe used to be the lead singer in a garage band, which eventually broke up " Joe's Garage ". Joe continues playing his music until a neighbor calls the police, who tell Joe to "stick closer to church-oriented social activities. One day, Mary skips the church club and goes to the Armory. She becomes a roadie for a band called Toad-O "Crew Slut". Eventually, Mary gets sick of being a roadie and is dumped in Miami. Mary wins first place in the contest and wins fifty bucks, enough money to go home.

He learns German, dresses like a housewife and goes to a club called the "Closet", filled with sexual appliances. They go back to Sy's apartment and have sex, only for Joe to kill Sy accidentally during oral sex "Sy Borg".

Having given all his money to Hoover, Joe cannot pay to fix Sy and is arrested and sent to a special prison filled with people arrested due to music, who spend all day "plooking each other". Joe is eventually "plooked" by the executives at the prison "Keep It Greasey". Having "a long time to go before [he's] paid [his] debt to society", he decides to be "sullen and withdrawn" and sits around dreaming up imaginary guitar notes "Outside Now" , until he is released from prison. In Act 3, Joe is released from prison into a dystopian society where music has been made illegal and "[walks] through the parking lot in a semi-catatonic state", dreaming guitar notes.

Eventually, he hears the voice of his neighbor Mrs. Borg taunting him in his head "He Used to Cut the Grass". Joe becomes scared of rock journalists and sings about them.

He sees a vision of Mary appear and deliver a lecture "Packard Goose". Joe goes back to his house and dreams his last imaginary guitar notes " Watermelon in Easter Hay ".

Afterward, he "[hocks his] imaginary guitar and [gets] a good job" at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen , where he squeezes icing rosettes onto muffins. As an epilogue, the Central Scrutinizer turns off his plastic megaphone and sings the final song on the album, " A Little Green Rosetta ", with all the people who worked with Frank Zappa around , with the song growing more chaotic as it goes as "proof" that music is dangerous.

March 24th. Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously? Packard Goose. Watermelon In Easter Hay. A Token Of My Extreme. Dong Work For Yuda. Outside Now 1. Big Swifty.

Mo's Vacation. Zomby Woof. Outside Now 2. What's New In Baltimore. April 6th. Strictly Genteel. In France. Advance Romance. Arrivederci Rome. Funicul Funicul. You Are What You Is. Dumb All Over. The strongest track here is Keep It Greasey, a rather unpleasantly-lyricked track with absolutely inhuman bass. Plus, we get a particularly long guitar solo over some strange time signature that I can't count out because I'm not good at math.

Act II, I think, on the whole, is the weakest of the three. The last act is only four songs, but here Frank stretches the songs out, building massive jams for the first three.

Packard Goose features a wonderful, twisting guitar solo for a good portion of its length--the song is streamable from this site. I think. Did I mention that I'm not good at math? Anyways, the final song, A Little Green Rosetta, is a rather random concluding band jam with a lot of folks singing the title over and over again. It's fun, and I suppose Frank couldn't have ended the album in any better of a way. A good album, but denied its possibly deserved fourth star on account of you should buy the compilation of all three acts.

It's the only way to properly listen to and enjoy this release. Report this review Posted Friday, October 3, Review Permalink FarBeyondProg In my opinion some of the coolest Zappa songs can be found on here, Act's 2 and 3 of this fantastic concept release, although at this point in the album it does to drag on a bit and i think a couple of the songs could have been cut down a couple of minutes Watermelon in Easter Hay is basically a 9 minute guitar solo but it is songs like SY BORG, KEEP IT GREASEY, and the improv of songs like OUTSIDE NOW that really keep your mind from wondering, as a whole this album is a masterpiece and Zappas best work you just couldnt get a better concept if you tried and it just goes together so well, add on top of that some amazing musicmanship and a flawless production and what you have here is a recipe for success!

Zappas finest! Joe's Garage is an amazing piece of work, Zappa really outdid himself with this. The vulgarity. It's funny at first but it just grows into something that I can't really handle All that aside, the playing on this album by Zappa is darn near his best and you have to love that.

On pretty much every song the guitar solo is either emotional or stunning or sometimes both like Watermelon In Easter Hay. Take your pick. The first two acts are amazing, but this last disc drops the ball so staggeringly that I was genuinely let down. The sardonic wit which worked so well in the first disc misfires here completely, given that the first 13 minutes are about prison-rape, and the remaining songs don't advance the story in any worthwhile way.

The lyrics are scatter-brained and unfocused, as the meandering songwriting. The satirical pop feel of the first two acts vanish entirely, and the art-rock style doesn't work as well with the timbre of Zappa's playing or vocals here.

That being said, there are some instrumental highlights which caught my eye-- though mostly because they were the fey bright spots in this release. However, these are scarce compensation for vacuous song-writing. If Zappa could read a review like this which I am sure he never would , he'd probably laugh and say something snarky Readers should note that the first two acts are contained on a single disc in the compilation of Joe's Garage , which is the way to go if you're interested in checking out this album; this third act isn't irredeemable, but I can almost garuantee that the first disc will see much more play then this one.

Joe goes to a new church called "The first church of applientology. In this religion, they believe humans should have sexual relations with appliances. The spiritual leader tells Joe he needs to learn German and find an appliance in a club called "The Closet.

The mystical advisers voice has a special effect that makes him sound like a God. A funny and cool song! Stick it Out is the next song. In this, Joe is falling in love with an appliance. The song starts in German but the melodies are so catchy and it's fun to sing along to at least in German.

The appliance, whose name is Sy Borg, yells to Joe "Pick me! I'm clean! The end of the song makes reference to Sheik Yerbouti with "What's a girl like you doing in a place like this Then we have probably the weirdest song on the album "Sy Borg". Joe sings a love song for Sy Borg set to a reggae beat simular to that in Lucille.

This song though has more synthesizers which makes it more progressive. It's weird when Sy Borg speaks in it's robot voice to Joe.

Sy Borg also shares with a Joe a modified gay Bob doll. However, in the end, Joe accidentally kills Sy Borg.

Joe did, and he's a happy guy now, on the day shift at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, arrogantly twisting the sterile canvas snoot of a fully-charged icing anointment utensil. And every time a nice little muffin comes by on the belt, he poots forth.

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  1. Joe's Garage is a three-part rock opera recorded by American musician Frank Zappa in September and November Originally released as two separate studio albums on Zappa Records, the project was later remastered and reissued as a triple album box set, Joe's Garage, Acts I, II & III, in The story is told by a character identified as the "Central Scrutinizer" narrating the story of Joe.
  2. Frank Zappa "Stick It Out": Search "Stick It Out" lyrics. Frank Zappa Lyrics "Stick It Out" [Act II] [SCENE TEN] [STICK IT OUT] [JOE:] Fick mich, du miserabler hurensohn Fick mich, du miserabler hurensohn Streck ihn aus XQJ nuclear powered Pan-Sexual Roto-Plooker named SY BORG (previously thought to be the son of the lady who called.
  3. Frank Zappa ‎– Joe's Garage Acts I, II & III Stick It Out: Sy Borg: Dong Work For Yuda: Keep It Greasey: Outside Now: The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen Chorus also includes "most of the people who work at Village Recorders (circa )/5(18).
  4. Utility Muffin Research Kitchen Los Angeles CA add Seriously~Crew Slut Packard Goose Watermelon In Easter Hay A Token Of My Extreme Stick It Out~Sy Borg Dong Work For Yuda Outside Now Big Swifty Mo's Vacation Zomby Woof Outside Now What's New In Baltimore? Frank Zappa's Band: Ed Mann - percussion Tommy Mars - keyboards Robert Martin.
  5. napotpickratmures.alsupvestraclimodukbestlicenttacta.co Paypal donations: [email protected]icenttacta.co napotpickratmures.alsupvestraclimodukbestlicenttacta.co napotpickratmures.alsupvestraclimodukbestlicenttacta.co napotpickratmures.alsupvestraclimodukbestlicenttacta.coshirt.
  6. Official Release #29 Originally Released: November 19, Catalog Number: SRZ Produced by Frank Zappa for Zappa Records. The Musicians: Frank Zappa—lead guitar, vocals Warren Cuccurullo—rhythm guitar, vocals Denny Walley—slide guitar, vocals Ike Willis—lead vocals Peter Wolf—keyboards Arthur Barrow—bass, vocals Ed Mann—percussion Vinnie Colaiuta—drums, .
  7. “Muffin Man” became a fan favorite and was a live staple at Zappa concerts. It was his song of choice for closing shows, and he would play this track before coming out to do encores.

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