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As with most bands of this genre, the longer songs work best with lots of room for riff changes and duelling guitars. Hailing from Sweden this is a band on top of their game, whether you like them depends on your reaction to hard rock from the seventies, even when it was recorded in Filled with more heavy rock, this time laced with flute and mellotron, the album has a rich production and some great songs topped off with some fine rock vocals from John Ruders.

Once again not to everyones taste, but recommended to those with a soft spot for Uriah Heep, early Rainbow and Blue Oyster Cult. Both of those heavy rock albums can be found on Transubstans Records www. Featuring analogue synths, free-floating guitar, and echo boxes to excess, the band obviously have an affinity for each others playing that allows the music to sound balanced, rather than dominated by one particular sound.

With heaps of soaring guitar, sequencers, synths and driving bass, the music certainly moves in all the right directions with fast-paced rockers giving way to electronic swirls and moments of ambient bliss. Sounding like a mix of eighties Hawkwind and The Porcupine Tree the music is sometimes let down by the lack of vocals, meaning the songs fade into one another, although individually they are excellent examples of the genre.

Released a while ago on the Resonant label www. Overall an album that grows with every listen. With everything Written and Played by Jon Attwood, there is a real sense of a singular vision that binds the album together, each piece merging into the next to create a delicious whole that is relaxing and fulfilling, offering a wilderness to lose yourself in.

Throughout the album the spirit and feelings of Steinbecks Novels is evoked, whilst the tight and inventive playing lifts the song above the ordinary, making for an enjoyable and emotive journey through The American Landscape.

Music for people who like the scratch of nail on blackboard or suffer from night tremors. Recording under the name of Area C , the duo have created a Farfisa dominated sound that is unstructured enough to allow the imagination to fill in the blanks, yet filled with enough melody and continuity to allow the pieces to be fully enjoyed, without fear of total sonic collapse. A track that takes the listener on a journey through time, with part one being a space soaked drone that leads into the crackling eerieness of part two, the band slowing thing down so that we can listen to our heart beats.

Also on Last Visible Dog www. Whilst comparisons with Robyn Hitchcock are inevitable and probably tedious it has to be said that there is ample room in this world for everyone who writes such beautiful, melodic and gently psychedelic songs. As is so often the case, the best is left to last, with the title track sparkling with melody and the lyrics adding surreal bite to the tune. A small Psych-pop gem, let it sparkle in your life.

One of the joys of writing for the Terrascope is putting on a CD by an unknown band and realising it is fantastic. Even better is that I get to share the news with like-minded people. Without a filler in sight, this is becoming one of my favourite summertime albums, go get one. Whatever path they take the music works just fine, making for an enjoyable guitar based collection that is interesting, left of centre and highly enjoyable.

Plus, with 11 songs in 30 minutes, there is hardly time to get bored with songs you are not keen on not that I found any. One the first disc Bird Microphone go for the free-form wyrd folk approach, a heady mix of vocal drone, rattled, cracked percussion, cut up noise and general unsettling sonic behaviour, which all works wonderfully, the tracks running into each other like a delicate forest fire.

On disc two Cursillistas have a similar approach only this time with a darker twist, the drones heading deep into the mountains, with slow ritual percussion adding to the tension. Well worth investing in if you can find a copy. More details at www. Full of hauntingly psychedelic songs the whole album is a magical listening experience rich with wonder and mystery. The last two minutes consisting of birdsong, giving you time to re-adjust to your re-entry. In-between, you will have been treated to some of the mellowest guitar you have heard for a long time, as ethereal as a twist of incense smoke, as heady as the first blooms of spring.

Praise must also be offered for the outsider art feel of the cover, which picks up the mood of the album and turns the whole package into something very desirable and worthwhile. Managing to be ambient without being twee new age nonsense, these are recommended for anyone with an interest in this genre of music.

Whilst this could be labelled as electronica, it is psychedelic to the max, a swirling, spiralling world filled with strange sound and twisted messed-up beats, sounding like an ancient ritual under neon stars. Reminiscent, of Tangerine Dream, Coil, Shpongle and the Orb in full space cadet mode , the album is a joyous exploration of tone and texture with a dark undertow that pulls you ever deeper into its grasp. R, Spacemen 3. Throughout the guitar has a West Coast country feel to it, and there is plenty to admire with some concise songwriting and lyrical beauty.

In fact, it is a kaleidoscope journey through all that is good in the sphere of whimsical pop-psych, and is filled with imaginative song writing and enough strangeness to satisfy anyone in search of something slightly unusual.

Mainly instrumental in constructions, the music consists of bass, drums, guitar and sax, the tunes swirling and scrambling across each other like rats on a banqueting table.

Full of atmosphere the pieces include a rendition of Job 39, Covers of the Stooges, Coil and Rollerball the disc is released on North Pole Records which is run by Rollerball member Shane De Leon and some slow and moving songs that creep under the skin. Mention to for the beautiful letter pressed cover that adds to the package. Created by Gregory Taylor using samples and loops the music is an slowly evolving landscape of textures that requires concentration to fully appreciate.

Although split into seven tracks, it is hard to determine when one end and another begins, and listening to the whole album as one piece is a very rewarding experience. It is the juxtaposition between these two sounds that gives the album its flavour, a wonderful gliding quality, the music floating through the atmosphere to become the air itself. Finally for this edition of Rumbles, I shall start where I began by mentioning two pieces of vinyl that arrived recently.

It's not terrible, actually pretty damn good! Kinda like the Shaggs as a techno band! Pretty freakin great! They're onto something here!? Sounds like Jandek's hip cousins?! Cool weird music for arts sake!! That's how it should be, goddammit! Oh, by the way, I let Lester Bangs ghost help me with these reviews, he had a band here in Austin Texas you know!!

Oh, some nice editing on this song! Just keeps getting better and better, what a relief, I don't see anything about this CD on the Zero Friends website!? These guys have to be influenced by Jandek and Corwood Industries. Inept, pointless, sloppy "rock" music but it's somehow very soothing and artistically rewarding!!

At startin' to cut loose, nice tones! Nice and long, how I like 'em. Wow, kickin' some mighty ass now! Hey, these guys are on to something! These guys are freakin' geniuses, re-affirming my faith in mankind that was slowly being snuffed out by frighteningly bad CDs. Dare I say it? Any kind of art that is done for money is not art! And I'm pretty sure these guys haven't made any money at it! The music really gets a nice contemplative mood!

Mysterious, bizzarro, all the things a good CD should have. Not just another product by people trying to have a "career" in the music industry!! Pretty rockin', would definitely scare Auntie Verleen!

Stops at , at starts very quietly I hope it get's better! Sounds American? Not terrible, but not really interesting either?! Here comes the less than desirable vocal!? Pretty cool! Pretty interesting, at least there's no vocals, nothin' groundbreakin' but pleasant! Too loud in mix?! Loud, normal kinda living room rock music But this is my fave track so far, lilting quirky pop rock! OK, nuthin' to get excited about?! They have one review posted on the Zero Friends recordings site and it's a bad review!?

That says a lot of the same things I'm saying?! So I guess they'll consider this a much better review?! I take it they're playing some elaborate game with us!

We're like mere bugs to them! Velvets like jammage. This is a very interesting label and pretty interesting CD but I can't see myself listening to this for another 10 years or so?!

Actually some pretty nice guitar playing! Actually it's so goofy and quirky it's a pretty cool track!! The Mayo Thompson like vocal! My wife says "the out of tune thing is over rated, don't you think? You can hear a siren in the background that's kinda cool. I find the Zero Friends album and song titles pretty clever and interesting but the music isn't at all on most of these releases!? Reminds me of music you could hear in the fake English Pub at the mall in Houston Texas in the 70's!

It starts to sound ok after awhile, lyrics seem mundane and pointless, kind of like the music. That's somewhat interesting! More of the same, playing and singing a little stronger on this one!

This is startin' to sound ok, oh my God, they've finally gotten to me! Vocals much louder, you can almost understand what he's saying! Back to the Mayo Thompson vocal thing which actually sounds pretty cool! Now a guitar riff played over and over that sounds almost good or cool!? Not completely boring and stupid!

He's doing some fancy rockabilly singing on this one! After listening to this stuff for hours It's actually starting to sound OK, which is kinda scary?

Deleting this artist may remove other artists and scrobbles from your library - please handle with caution! Note: You can view albums tagged as 'Various Artists' in your library here. The term Various Artists is used in the record industry when numerous singers and musicians collaborate on a song or collection of songs.

Most often on Last. Sometimes, single releases may be credited to Various Artists wh… read more. Note: You can view albums tagged as 'Various Artists' in your… read more. The term Various Artists is us… read more.

Trending Tracks 1. Features Exploring the local sounds and scenes at Noise Pop Fest. Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for discover By okspud1 15 Feb am. All Things Hyped: Last. Play track.

Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading. Saturday 28 March Monday 30 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April Thursday 2 April Friday 3 April Saturday 4 April Sunday 5 April Monday 6 April Tuesday 7 April Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April Saturday 11 April Sunday 12 April Monday 13 April Tuesday 14 April Wednesday 15 April Friday 17 April Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April Monday 20 April Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April Saturday 25 April Sunday 26 April Monday 27 April Tuesday 28 April Wednesday 29 April Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May Monday 4 May Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 6 May Thursday 7 May All the greats eventually get the full-blooded cover version treatment with singers and bands queing up to pay tribute to those who greatly influenced them.

The late Leonard Cohen has had his songs covered more than most, including various compilation LPs over the years which have been commercially released or given away free with music magazines. Hiya mate — seven weeks in the writing, started at home, finished in the waiting room of a dentists.

We then follow that teams results and then follow them or whoever beats them all the way to Wembley Final We also try and go and watch a couple of the matches. Then he turns to a fat bloke wearing a 70s style jacket — which I think was actually a jacket he bought in — and shouts literally shouts, despite porky being about five foot away — porky is holding a can of coke and bacon sarnie as it happens.

So Roger ambles over, turns out Roger works for the local radio and decides that he wants to interview us because it would make a nice story. The game is terrible, I mean awful, Sutton Coldfield romp home 3 — 1 but to be honest if Badger and I had randomly picked a bunch of lads from pub around the corner, I think we could have given them a good game.

So someone needs to do a Volume II please. That ban lasted twenty years until they refurbished the block containing the lecture theatre. For me these two tracks show the bridge between Psychocandy the album and Darklands perfectly.

More rain, but this time the band are a bit happier and as it happens, this is my favourite JAMC track. Its my favourite for one single reason, once in in the pouring rain outside the Army and Navy pub in Rainham, Kent, Our Price Girl gave me the best kiss of my life — at the time at least — and then sang this to me sweetly in my ear as the rain dripped off our hair.

We then walked three miles, soaked to the skin hand in hand and hardly said a word, because frankly she said it all. This is a tremendous record all guitars, crunching drums and sneering. Its impossible not to love it. Some people say that the Marychain did this sort of thing to be deliberately provocative and to show but they were angry but I think on reflection it was weariness and frustration. I wanted to include a cover version, simply because the Marychain did a few, mainly old Blues rock numbers from the 60s, and this I think was the best one.

I then try and somehow crow bar in a story from my past and tenuously really tenuously connect it to the CD. I used to be good mates with Gareth but one night in he got drunk on a night out in Exeter — later than evening as we returned to my house he was staying in the spare room as he lived some distance away and we all retired for the night. About 2am — Gareth walked into the marital suite of the house and asked me and the wife if we fancied a threesome.

He was stark bollock naked and he then vomited on the carpet. Before that moment I was interested. Also he was dog ugly, when the Lord gave out looks, poor Gareth was cleaning the toilet. He left the house about seven minutes later. That probably makes me a bad person. When you get to a certain age, little things like this can make your day. Hope that is ok?

The album is not only a comprehensive selection over two hours worth! JBO was the label that took a lot of risks when they first started out and ended up being right at the front of an entire musical movement. It is nearly Easter and it is the day of my driving test. I am so going to fail. Because of this he was a lousy driver, I mean him no disrespect when I say that there an undiscovered tribes in the Amazon with no comprehension of cars, roads, traffic cones or clutch control that could drive better than him.

He switched the radio on — I think he wanted to get the result of the race at Doncaster — but instead he got rock music. I look out the window as the rain lashes down on the car. Then I hear the familiar sound of static and then the radio station he wanted.

His sudden outburst had strangely relaxed me and I burst out laughing. Although I still think I would fail that. As I get the door I see him rip up a small betting slip that he taken out of his blazer pockets incidentally what is it with old chaps and blazers…? Remarkably I passed. For the only time in my life — I managed to do a parallel park without driving backwards and forwards twenty times to get the angle right. My three point was exactly that. My emergency stop was so good it sent the instructors clipboard flying into his lap.

I even did an additional emergency stop when the tractor appeared out of nowhere — this was a built up area in the middle of the Medway Towns, I have no idea what the tractor was doing there. He is asleep. Of course he is.

Best of Fetenhits: Best of Absolute 00's. Veronica Album Top Editie D17 Summer Festivals. The Best Of Just Great Songs 4. TopGear - Seriously Rock 'n' Roll.

Die ultimative Chartshow - Synthie-Pop Hits. Disco Estrella, Vol. Veronica Album Top Allertijden. Het beste uit de Qmusic top van de 00's. Simon Mayo's Drivetime. Life's Greatest Hits. Now That's What I Call Music of a Lifetime.

Match of the Day: World Cup Edition The Anthems. My Songs 3. Best of - Die Hits des Jahres. Promo Only: Hot Video, November Just Dance G. Just Dance. You're the One. Acoustix, Vol. More FM Sing It. The Newbreed. Pepsi: More Music, Volume 6. Spartymix Essential Selection High School Rocks. Welcome to the Desert Best of Later With Jools Holland: Rock Open Rockin' Style ' My Songs: 40 Feel Good Anthems. Living for the Weekend. Rock Festival Student Anthems. The Best Rock Anthems in the World Garage Sessions, Volume 3.

Big Shiny Tunes 9. De Afrekening, Volume Best of Unleashed Festival Top Gear Anthems. Essential Bands. The Nova Rock Open. Triple J: Hottest of All Time. The Bands Triple J: Hottest , Volume Super Charged.

The New Breed. The Coolest Rock Album Ever. Volume 2. Big Night Out. Q: Live From Glastonbury. The Album. Q: Best of Revolutions: Alternative Bands Radical Music. Dad Rocks! L'Album Rock, Volume 3. Festivalbar Compilation rossa. Now That's What I Call the 00s. Epic: The Bands. The Tracks. So Fresh: The Hits of Autumn Starfloor, Volume 2. Match of the Day: The Album. Best of the New Millennium Pop, Volume 1. Essential Songs Leave Them All Behind. Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, December Veronica 00's Top L'Album Rock.

Music of the Millennium. Carrusel Deportivo. Greatest Ever! Indie Anthems. Deejay Best Rock Anthems Triple J's 20 Years of Hottest Essential Songs Digital Edition. NRJ Pop Rock RFM Le meilleur de la musique.

Nu Rock. Video Triple Play. Studio Brussel Jaar van de Gitaar Vol. Love Me Tender Agent Provocateur Presents. Now 00's Deluxe. Latest and Greatest Driving Rock Anthems. Rolling Stone's Best Songs of the '00s. UK Sounds Volume Two. Jaar van de Gitaar, Volume 2. Fuji Rock Festival 20th Anniversary Collection - De Afrekening: Best of NRJ Music Awards Just Great Songs. Brit Awards Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, September Eska Rock Najlepsza Rockowa Dwudziestka.

Juventus Stadium Soundtrack. Guitar Hero III. Brigitte - The Men. Highlights from Rock Anthems. Start Xbox Soundtracks. Epic Stadium Anthems disc 1. The Rock Album. Hits Oorgasm Prinzip Freude Aktuell, Volume 1. Smile Like You Mean It. Bandit Rock 2. Musikexpress Sounds Now! Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume Spex CD Les 50 plus grands tubes Rock Line.

Guitar Hero 5. When You Were Young Remixes. Clubbers Yearbook Mixed. Ibiza El CD oficial de las noches de Ibiza. Remixland , Volume David Waxman Presents: Ultra Electro 2.

Bandit Rock 1. Cream Ibiza. Remixland Summer Remixland , Volume 3. Toolroom Knights, Volume 2. For Djs Only - Special Edition. Panda Biggs. X-Ray CD Twisted: Indie Floorfillers for a Twisted Generation. Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, July Rush Hour 3.

Floorfillers 4. Cream Electric Summer, Volume 1. Ministry of Sound: Clubbers Guide to Brightside remixes. Somebody Told Me Remixes. Promo Only: Mainstream Club, January Tokyo Project Presents: The Collection.

Clubbers Guide to The Best Club Anthems Club Fever. The Dome: Summer Ministry of Sound: Ibiza Annual Ministry of Sound: Spring Annual The Weekend. Promo Only: Mainstream Club, April

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