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Energy is only absorbed if it is heat in thermodynamic terms …this is the entire definition of heat and of the equations of heat flow: the energy from an object will only be absorbed by a second body in such a way as to increase the temperature of the second body IF the source object has higher temperature than the second body.

Their fathers must be proud. So pathetic. But as we know…only certain people understand mathematical statistical facts, and others only understand feelings. Feelings rule the stupid and the stupid are ruling the world.

Joseph, When I was a writer and did articles, I often put this disclaimer on the end, perhaps you might want to do something similar…. Write your posts in one reply. No, the atmosphere receives energy from the Sun and the Earth. Both of these objects emit radiation according to the Stefan-Boltzmann law.

And with all this energy that the atmosphere absorbs, it has to, also, radiate its energy and about half is emitted towards the Earth again. The thermodynamics books you love to butcher almost all have a section devoted to how the Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere absorb and emit radiation too cause the greenhouse effect. So tell me why the atmosphere is magically immune to absorbing the energy radiated from the Earth. Can you write more like a physics grad and less like a child in their first science class?

Explain to me how heat is transferred in the kinetic theory and what happens to the microstates, macrostates, and their multiplicities for the system. And your statement that heat can only be transferred from a hotter object to a colder object is blatantly not true. Energy is only absorbed if it is heat in thermodynamic terms …this is the entire definition of heat and of the equations of heat flow:.

No, you dumbass. Do you even know what the fundamental thermodynamic relation is? If there is no change in entropy, energy is exchanged through work or the transfer of matter.

And still you fail to understand that heat has the units of joules while the Stefan-Boltzmann law has units of power. I just told him the earth and the atmosphere both get their energy directly from the sun. Nothing they wrote bears any importance.

They can ad-hom and be as inaccurate as they will, but then you are held to a standard of perfection of zero ad-hom and perfect accuracy. Those heat flow equations are fine and one understands the difference between a fixed held energy in Joules vs. What a ridiculous request. Processes that create new entropy are therefore said to be irreversible. We saw […] that this process occurs because the total multiplicity of the combined system thereby increases; hence the total entropy increases also, and heat flow is always irreversible.

Implied in this definition is the very important fact that a body never contains heat, but that heat is identified as heat only as it crosses the boundary. Thus, heat is a transient phenomenon. If we consider the hot block of copper as a system and the cold water in the beaker as another system, we recognize that originally neither system contains any heat they do contain energy, of course. When the copper is placed in the water and the two are in thermal communication, heat is transferred from the copper to the water, until equilibrium of temperature is established.

At that point we no longer have heat transfer, since there is no temperature difference. Neither of the systems contains any heat at the conclusion of the process. It also follows that heat is identified at the boundaries of the system, for heat is defined as energy being transferred across the system boundary. A large block of ice at 00C has far more internal energy than a cup of hot water; yet when the water is poured on the ice some of the ice melts and the water becomes cooler, which signifies that energy has passed from the water to the ice.

One definition of heat is: Heat is energy transferred across the boundary of a system as a result of a temperature difference only. In other words, we need an expression for the dependence of the flow of heat energy on the temperature field. First we summarize certain qualitative properties of heat flow with which we are all familiar: 1. If the temperature is constant in a region, no heat energy flows. If there are temperature differences, the heat energy flows from the hotter region to the colder region.

All of this describes what is occurring with the thermodynamic states of the system and heat flow. And heat flow is summarized in those equations.

One way only. Who is this assface, and where is this discussion occurring? They should be public about who they are. Ask them for a public debate. The post is days old now so the traffic is pretty much dead. Think of the ramifications if cold added to hot? Runaway feedback? Cooking Thanksgiving dinner over an ice chest? Iced coffee would be impossible, the horror! As RK says its not about taking sides. You need to look at the bigger picture.

Who sets to gain from this divide and conquer strategy? Santos Bonacci: The Jesuits are the military arm of the Vatican, they are the men in black at the top of the pecking order, more powerful than the knights of Malta and the knights of Columbus.

Santos has an astro-theological theory that the universe is an egg, one of many universal eggs. That our solar system is but one egg, and the earth is at its centre. From science he is talking about a holographic torus field with the earth at it centre and the two poles at it innermost and outer circumference. A magnetic field in effect. It is this one giant Cosmic joke that has trapped mankind in an ever recurring birth, death and rebirth of dark and golden ages.

This is referred to now as Khemitology:. Because of this false matrix structure, history is written by the controllers, Therefore we will never know who we are and where we are going until we know where we have been!!

This is what Akhenaten was trying to stop and keep us in Aten. He failed and we have been in AMUN for 5, years, but we are coming round to the beginning again, where truth will once again be found and consciousness will be raised. It was during this phase of darkness that the corrupt priests of Amen satanically took over the world and hold power to this day, but as we enter the Age of Aquarius and people awaken their consciousness the veil will lifted once again!

Initially they interbred with other races to keep their race going but the pure ones needed sustenance, but also needed to keep their blood line pure. This is where the vampire stories originate. Not your equations, a real equation from a real textbook in quotes with page number and title.

Oh and not that it really matters but a gas cannot be a radiating black body so the atmosphere cannot radiate as a source like the surface of the Earth. Second Law of Thermodynamics: It is impossible to extract an amount of heat QH from a hot reservoir and use it all to do work W. Some amount of heat QC must be exhausted to a cold reservoir. The Second Law is concerned with Entropy S which is produced by all processes and associated with the loss of ability to do work.

The Second Law states that the entropy of the universe increases. For energy to be available there must be a region with high energy level and a region with low energy level. Useful work must be derived from the energy that flows from the high level to the low level. Hot to Cold on the macro or the micro the rules apply. I think the equation was fine. This precludes a perfect heat engine.

How are these morons claiming water vapor has feedback loop? Where are they getting this from? No such thing exists in the open atmosphere. Comments are good too. These sick fuckers. Same people as the climate freaks. Abolish the academic expert class.

You can assemble as a crowd of people in close proximity, scream-launching millions upon millions of COVIDinfested, aerosolized particles, wearing simple masks, perhaps, of basic woven fabric, with pores four times larger than the particles people mistakenly think are blocked by them,… but you cannot go to a bar.

You can protest the arrest mishap of a known criminal with health issues in the process of another criminal act, assured that the police will allow this to be a comfortable protest experience for you, but you cannot protest having your freedom stripped away by irrational overreactions to a viral mutation leading to an upsurge in respiratory afflictions, over ninety percent of which resolve with no complications.

Police to a lock down protestor: Sir, I am legally bound to inform you that you are in violation of the lock down order and in violation of the face mask ordinance. Put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest. What are your intentions with that brick in your hand? Can I get you a soda? Are you comfortable? Anybody bother you? Carry on, and have a good day. These things need to be removed. No crime no need for cops…Criminals pretending to be victims. Things escalate fast in demonstrations.

Stay safe everyone. I wonder what gun that is? My guess is a Glock with a giant magazine in it. Man I hope whatever he was driving around there for was worth it. Freaking Warzone out there. I think this is Seattle. That guy they are walking with like he is some kind of wounded soldier, needs to be arrested btw…. I have just made a breakthrough discovery, and, rather than write it up and submit to a journal, I thought that I would announce it here for the first time.

It is a most momentous discovery, and so I give you ………………….. After many hours of observing pathological behaviors over the past few months, I have succeeded in isolating the cause of this affliction.

Now for the underlying cause: viral cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy. That what you get. They should defund all of their local police. Let them pay their own costs locally, relieve working taxpayers the expense.

Who arrest the people not paying taxes? Is Minneapolis going to have race police? Selectively policing based on race? Businesses would need private security. But why even do business there at all?

Might as well open up shop in Kazakhstan. Either way none of this will work out for them, which is good. This will all go towards separation and paying your own costs hopefully. Let them destroy themselves. They should defund education next. Just tell them education is white and racist. God please.

Defund the police and defund education. Nothing could be better for the eugenic improvement of humanity than to defund the police and the education system. Joseph, The problem is after they destroy a town, city or state they move on to the next one to do it all over again. Trump is starting to see that now. A force that cannot not be reasoned with must inadvertently be stopped by force. Notice they never compromise with the opposing party, compromise is the opposing party agreeing with them and when they have finally achieved the control they do not negotiate or compromise.

They win by attrition. They consume and destroy everything they touch. They need to be confined at least…so they destroy themselves. To accept their interpretation of language is the victory.

Once you accept racism as a hate crime that is somehow more important than murdering another life in hate you are talking their language and a step closer to being converted without knowing it. All murder is a hate crime whether it be a jealousy, passion, strong emotions, racial motivated, religious or whatever.

A Christina preacher in another country ran by Muslims was chopped up by machetes and left alive in the streets with his legs and arms chopped to pieces, until he eventually died.

Killing someone to defend life is not a hate crime, it is protecting lives which is what defending yourself is either in the home by killing intruders or on the battle field protecting your families from those who seek to destroy them. It is clear now who needs to go. There is no grey area. The peak emission is between 9 and 10 microns with an ambient temperature range of around Kelvin. That transfer is in the exchange of energy from collision and bumping from hotter molecules transferring some of their kinetic energy to CO2 causing it to bump to a higher vibrational frequency.

Since the atmosphere is not a blackbody it is not a source of temperature and all re-directed IR from CO2 is line spectrum only, therefore even at 10 microns would not change the surface temperature. So how is the upper atmosphere warmer than the average global temperature? Which means I see no way of CO2 being wound up to its highest vibrational state in the Troposphere. However CO2 has no magnetic dipole in its relaxed state. Even at meters the warmest point is only 20C at the Equator most is below zero there is no empirical data that is showing these temps in the lower atmosphere.

Whoever is saying those ambient temps are between Kelvin is from Earth emissions is full of salami. It is NOT true. No temperature is emitting from the Earth at that high of temperature from that high in the atmosphere. The average range is between Anything above Clearly no IR being intercepted in the upper atmosphere is making a dent in the temperatures at all and because of its constant cold CO2 will never spin up to a higher vibrational state.

How can they make things worse… from libertarianmeme. Lol look how fake they are. What is it like to be that type of person? To be fake all the time. Sounds awful. The idea that someone immigrating to a country automatically and magically becomes the same as the native population.

Someone moves from Sudan to Sweden and becomes a citizen of Sweden. The magic dirt theory holds that just being on Swedish soil will transform them into someone who is ethnically and culturally Swedish. This is because CO2 is very soluble in atmospheric water vapour, and forms a solution with a molar mass of around The heavier compound falls more rapidly as rain.

Heat separates the two or have I gone mad? I thought one of these guys had a PhD in chemistry. CO2 can be soluble in rain not as a vapor. Unfortunately what has been the analysis of putting the less privileged amongst the more privileged is that rather than the underprivileged rising to meet the levels of the knowledgeable privilege class, what tends to happen is that the privileged class in fact lowers itself to the level of the underprivileged knowledge level.

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For those who have not read previous entries in the series, here is a convenient index: As It Happened. Acknowledgment Thanks to Peter Saint-Andre for setting up this site!

And, like I said, it was the Summer Of Love. So a lot of fucking was going on. It was a love fest and the worst that might happen is that you got the clap or crabs.

Sean Humby faces 17 charges including sodomy and sex abuse. Police say the abuse happened at a Riga daycare over the past five years. The daycare, called Love and Laughter has since been shutdown by the state. The victims are now between the ages of 8 and 12 and prosecutors say all of them are willing to testify.

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  6. When I got to San Francisco, the Summer Of Love was in full effect and I was crashing at a pad on Waller street in the Haight. There were a couple dozen of us in a large multi-room apartment sleeping on the floor, on couches, wherever we could find a few unoccupied square feet. I had a nice setup in an oversized closet. I knew the guy who rented the apartment (we had gone to .
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