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The main complaint is that the order of creation, including the creation of light, is considered out of order, and thus it is not scientifically accurate. In our opinion, Genesis can be considered scientifically accurate, even with evolution. This problem is solved if you have the proper frame of reference. The creation account is written from the perspective of a person standing on the surface of the earth. From this perspective, observation of the events described in Genesis are indeed in the correct order.

Although theistic evolutionists vary in their positions, from conservative to liberal, there is no reason why a theistic evolutionist cannot be conservative, believing in an inerrant Bible. Acceptance of Theistic Evolution. Many Christian denominations support or accept theistic evolution. For example, on 12 February , the th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth was commemorated by "Evolution Sunday" where the message that followers of Christ do not have to choose between biblical stories of creation and evolution was taught in classes and sermons at many Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Congregationalist, United Church of Christ, Baptist and community churches.

To learn more about Theistic Evolution, check out these websites:. Christianity and Evolution Theistic-evolution. Evolution What Is Divergent Evolution? Evolution What Is Fight or Flight? Evolution 5 Myths About Charles Darwin. Evolution Global Climate Change and Evolution. Evolution What Is Convergent Evolution? Evolution 5 Types of Prezygotic Isolation Mechanisms. Evolution What Is Descent with Modification?

Evolution A Brief Explanation of Evolution. The Bible is not a fairytale, but books that teach evolution theory are all fairytale books. People who believe on evolution theory are guilty of classic error; who accuse other people groundlessly id very often guilty on his own accusations.

When I wrote this writing to my mind arose thought that could it be that the Bible tells about DNA as evidence of the creation. However, from the Bible, we can find the concept of DNA.

At first, we study little about meaning of Hebrew letters. The Jews have given to every Hebrew letter number value, literal meaning and symbolic meaning not knowing about DNA that God has coded instruction of the life into DNA.

DNA is international letter combination, which tells information how the life will be built up. I believe that God has seen this matter already beforehand and has influenced that He brings evidence about DNA into view, which is His creation. D-letter is in Hebrew Dalet , which symbolic meaning is a pathway, to enter. N-letter in Hebrew is Nun , which symbolic meaning is activity and life.

A-letter in Hebrew is Aleph , which symbolic meaning is power, leader and first. Hebrew letters' symbolic meaning is a pathway to power of the life; to enter life first; entering of the power of life. After the breath of life in the womb of a mother by DNA, the life of the fetus begins first to build up.

I don't believe coincidence, but that God's finger has been along forming of Hebrew letters' symbolic meanings. The spirit of life influenced by God gives a man the power to live, in which also DNA and its information tells.

God has influenced for the meaning of Hebrew letters watch the link: Messiah Code. The word of God the Bible is primary evidence about revelation, divine message of God and the way of the salvation by the Lord Jesus. The nature also testifies from the works of God. DNA in the book of Psalm. It is not hard or difficult to prove that the Bible is the word of God, because innumerable fulfilled prophecies of the Bible proves that the Bible is the word of God. Biblical creation account is only reliable source telling how the universe, and the life on the earth has begun.

DNA structure of the men proves that the life on the earth couldn't have formed by teaching of the evolution theory. DNA of a man comprises about 3 billion letter code pairs, in which are all the information with the details that how the life of a man must be formed all organs, colors of hairs and eyes and so on. The living life needs DNA, the information how the life must be built and work.

Forming of 3 billions letter code pairs by self-guided without an intelligence mind and planning is impossible. Billion years evolve can't form polymorphous life and build 3 billions letter code pairs, in which are perfect information and knowledge how the life must be built and work.

It is clear and obvious that self-guided evolution without the intelligent mind can't make so beautiful, accurate, genial and amazing structure as DNA. Self-guided evolution can't form 3 billions letter code pairs, in which is structure plans of the life. Only choice and solution is that the God of the Bible has planned and created the man and other life on the earth. The Hebrew word golem means embryo, fetus and wrapped unformed mass. Golem derives for the word galam , which means wrapped together, to wrap up, fold, fold together.

When we study Psalm in the light of the original language, so we can notice very interesting and remarkable information. A true transitional form would have non-functioning parts or appendages, such as the nub of a leg or wing. Where are the trillions of fossils of such true transitional forms?

Critics often say that creationism is simply religion, whereas evolutionism is based on science. So the complete absence of transitional forms in the fossil record supports creationism.

It can also be noted that evolutionists only discuss this subject in the broadest terms. What are the odds that, of the millions of species of animals, birds, fish and insects, a male of each species developed at the same time and in the same place as a female of the same species, so that the species could propagate?

Why are there two sexes anyhow? This is not foreordained in the evolutionary framework. Is there some sort of plan here? Conclusion: No parents, no evolution. A species would have to jump from a primitive form to a fully developed male and female, each with the ability and instinct to mate. In other words, if you cannot come up with a detailed, feasible scenario of how the first animal developed, the whole evolutionary theory goes out the window, because it never even could have gotten started.

To a creationist, the incredible complexity of human life, plant life and the universe is absolutely overwhelming evidence that there must have been a designer. Additional evidence for a designer: The law of gravity is basic to an understanding of the universe. Why do evolutionists summarily dismiss the evidence of design without any serious consideration?

Professor D. Watson, zoologist and Chair of Evolution at University College London, has given us some insight as to why this is so. Evolution then is simply the best alternative anyone has been able to come up with. In fact it was so big that it contained its own villages and you needed to hire a motorcycle to get around. There was even one village called evolution. There were some four thousand devotees living there when I stayed with more than half being French Pondicherry was a French enclave , then German, then a mix of other European nationalities as well as Indians.

Up the top was suspended another ball which was used as a meditation centre. I once tried to meditate there but gave up as I was bitten by too many mosquitoes. But the community is a success. It is growing. Here I met an academic Malaysian who was wandering the world.

He told me that the Kaaba was an earlier shrine to various gods and goddesses such as Hubal and al-Lat and was made of bricks without a roof and contained in its wall a meteorite. It had nothing to do with Islam. Muhammad later pulled it down and rebuilt it with a roof.

As I had read a little Islamic history we had some good conversations. I asked him if his travel could lead to his changing his mind and adopting a new belief system. He said that regardless of what he chose to believe, he would be rejected by his community if he went back with different ideas.

He grew up with Islam, it was his habit, and it was too difficult to change this late in life. And if he did change to other beliefs, he could never admit to them. Several years later I stayed at Auroville again. It is now more of a community than a spiritual centre. I also stayed again at the Krishnamurti centre.

In all I made some seven trips to India travelling to spiritual places such as Puri, Rishikesh and Varanasi, as well as other general travel. The belief systems of the world are many and varied. Are some right and others wrong? Are they all partly right? Are none of them right but simply early guesses on how the world works? At university I studied engineering mathematics and after a year of writing software in Melbourne I was offered a transfer in the same mining company to New Guinea which operated a copper and gold mine.

I was glad to leave cold and crowded Melbourne for a new adventure. I started diving when I was eighteen and I knew New Guinea had a great reputation for wreck diving. My interests extended to the philosophy of biology, and evolution in particular. But I also knew that there was little chance of employment in this area so I had to be practical and engineering seemed as good as anything.

In terms of belief systems, evolution was the newcomer. What chance did it have? The older religions were goliaths by comparison. They are still suppressing it today, with some worse than others. Some deny it outright while others try to accommodate it. Pope John Paul, a modernist compared with his predecessors, said that we did have evolution but when Homo Sapiens came into existence, God inserted a soul.

I stayed in New Guinea for eight years. Some of the experiences on this wet, hot, humid and jungle-covered island were very powerful. I dived two or three times a week, mostly at night, and had various other miners as dive buddies.

One was a geologist. Bougainville was mountainous and one hot weekend morning we went for a swim in a mountain pool. A strong stream ran through it and the water was clear but not cold and some twenty kilometres away, you could see the sea. The reason why the view was so good was because at the other end of the pool, there was a waterfall with a drop of some fifty metres onto rocks below. This drop allowed a clear view over the jungle. Few people ever came here as machetes were needed for the long walk and also because of the danger of being washed over the edge.

But it was safe provided you stayed in the top half of the pool. There was an imaginary line that we all knew and if we went over this line, regardless of swimming ability, the current was too strong to make it back to safety.

The geologist had recently separated from his wife and we thought this swim might relieve his depression. To our surprise he kept swimming near this line but not over it. We forgot ourselves and splashed around and all of a sudden the geologist realised he was over the line.

He was a good swimmer but to no avail. The mine helicopter retrieved his body that afternoon. But it shows how intricate the struggle of ideas in the mind is. The mind is fickle and at any moment it can change direction. The struggle for survival is not as strong as we think. We have instinctual fear but play with it. Was it suicide or bad luck? We will never know. The baby knows to cry when hungry, it does not need to learn it.

The crying is instinctive, or genetic. Fear, ambition, love, hate, jealousy, and so on, are all properties the baby inherits at birth.

These vary in strength as per bell curve, and the total makes up the internal genetic character of a person. Just as people differ externally in their appearance, they differ internally in their minds. Genes can also be expressed later in life, such as puberty. Cultural knowledge is learnt from an interaction with the environment and includes language, mannerisms and habits. These cultural ideas are stored in the brain and interact with the genetic component.

The purpose of the brain is to allow the storage of ideas otherwise new ideas could only come genetically once a generation through mutation. These genetic and cultural ideas struggle in the brain with the outcome being a thought or action thinking. From an evolutionary eye-view, the purpose of life is to reproduce. Finding shelter, keeping warm, producing a family, and so on, all increase your happiness. Love evolved to keep couples together and compassion and empathy to make sure children are cared for and so survive.

But this in no way trivialises these emotional states. They are the elixir we all seek. We have to work with the genetic not deny its existence. The genes are part of our makeup. Seeking happiness and avoiding pain is the method of all animals with developed brains. Hormones that produce happiness include dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, and by correctly addressing the genes these are released in the brain. This drive for happiness is so strong that sometimes the genes are cheated.

Sugar sweeteners give the reward but not the nutrition and contraceptives allow pleasure without the genetic consequence of children. Caffeine in tea and coffee has no nutritional value but many people, like me, need it everyday.

Those most desperate bypass the genes altogether and take opiates or other drugs that directly mimic the natural happiness hormones. As cultural beliefs grow, we appear to be moving away from reproduction as the main goal in life to pleasure being the main goal. Reward and punishment applies to most things, both genetic and cultural.

Governments reward you for exemplary behaviour medals, awards, and so on and punish you for behaviour they disagree with fines and prison. Businesses promote you for hard work and fire you for laziness. People look for net happiness by taking in those cultural ideas that they believe will best address their genetic ideas. A person may endure a boring job only because of the necessity of feeding children that is thought to be the greater good.

A person may work grudgingly at passing exams only because happiness in the form of a better job is hoped for in the future. Here genetic desire for status and success are important. A priest may go without in this world in the expectation of greater merit in an afterlife. Here a belief in life after death is necessary.

In all cases the path taken is still one of maximising happiness in the long term. However, with the geologist above I like to think that a mistake was made. But he increased the chance of a mistake by going close to the line.

The mind is capable of mistakes and, as well, there is an element of luck in life. We might decide on a trip to the seashore but strong wind or rain may ruin the experience.

We may enroll in a course to improve our education but find it poorly run. We may go to a restaurant for a nice meal and get food poisoning.

Apr 17,  · The Path: Evolution is the third film of The Path Series trilogy and explores the theory that human beings are consciousness, living in a virtual reality system similar to the rules of an.

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  6. Following the path to usually implies that something is on a journey and going somewhere. For example: The pilots of the airplane followed a path to New York that would take them around the hurricane. Following the path of can mean a couple of different things. It can mean 'to follow the path that another thing has already made', for example.
  7. The First Law of Thermodynamics is the law of the conservation of energy. This law states that the total quantity of energy in the universe is constant. Energy may be transformed from one form into another and energy may be transformed into matter and matter into energy, but the total quantity remains constant—energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
  8. The Three Paths Of Evolution, public programme, Caxton Hall, London (UK). 30 May I am here to talk to you about a higher life than what we know of, about a power that pervades, permeates, every other power; and about the world which is called as the world of bliss and joy.
  9. Hi! We were reading a book and my ds came across the word "evolution". I tried to explain to him like, first there was a micro organisms on earth that evolved into plants, animals, birds, etc., and all living things took a long time to evolve into different forms today.

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