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The dance song "Big Time" has funk influences and is built on a "percussive bass sound". It references the experiment on obedience carried out by American social psychologist Stanley Milgram , intended as a reference to the obedience citizens show to dictators during times of war. This was interpolated with a recording called "This Is the Picture", on which Nile Rodgers plays rhythmic guitar.

So is Gabriel's first non-eponymous album. Gabriel has noted his dislike for titling albums, mainly because it distracts from the sleeve design. He elaborated that for So "[he] decided to go for the anti-title It can be more a piece of graphic, if you like, as opposed to something with meaning and intention. And that's what I've done ever since".

I was told my usual obscure LP sleeves alienated women. So was released on 19 May It topped the charts of seven countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, where it became Gabriel's second number one album.

In the United States, So became one of Geffen Records ' most commercially successful releases, peaking at number two and remaining on the chart for ninety-three weeks. Gabriel would go on to say in an interview for Rolling Stone that he believed the video exposed So ' s songs to a wider audience, bolstering the album's success.

Bono contacted Gabriel to perform at A Conspiracy of Hope , a series of Live Aid -inspired concerts that intended to spread awareness of human rights issues in light of Amnesty International 's twenty-fifth anniversary. Gabriel described it as "the best tour [he'd] ever been on".

One of the dates was a special two-night residency 20—21 December at Tokyo 's Meiji Jingu Stadium to fund a global computer system for the University for Peace , a United Nations project. Tour in So received mostly favourable reviews from music critics.

Jon Pareles of The New York Times wrote "only a handful of Western rock musicians have managed to use exotic rhythms and instruments with so much ingenuity and conviction". Pareles also praised his vocals, describing them as "grainy but not bluesy, ageless and joyless, the voice of some ancient mariner recounting disasters". Terry Atkinson of Los Angeles Times viewed the album as offering "an amazing variety of tones, moods, and topics and a consistently powerful level of expression".

So has continued to perform well in most retrospective reviews. Erlewine particularly praised Gabriel's fusion of art rock with African music and soul. Ryan Bray, writer for Consequence of Sound , concluded So was an "all-too-rare record that manages to have it both ways, earning its richly deserved critical and commercial respect without giving so much as an artistic inch". He added that "it still stands on its own two feet as one of the consensus best records of the 80s". He added that "Gabriel crafted an album of user-friendly pop that was still reassuringly odd.

In a less positive retrospective review, Mojo ' s David Buckley contrasted the album with Gabriel's earlier, more experimental work, claiming "on 's So , he switched tack to write pop, and write big. The results are mixed.

He praised its state-of-the-art production in parts, highlighting "Big Time" and "Sledgehammer" as standout tracks, but claimed elsewhere it interfered, such as the Fairlight CMI synthesizer on "That Voice Again" and whistling ambient accompaniment on "Mercy Street".

Its video is the most played music video in the history of MTV. So is often regarded as Gabriel's best album, as well as one of the best albums of the s.

It enabled Gabriel to transform from a cult artist , acclaimed for his cerebral, experimental solo work, into a mainstream, internationally known star. It's a masterpiece. A chronicle of political, emotional, and artistic exploration, the album [attempts] to balance standard pop orthodoxy with his still-rumbling desire for sonic experimentation". It includes the remastered So album, the Live at Athens album and a So DNA album which examines its production, as well as new liner notes, photographs, vinyl collectibles and the So: Classic Albums documentary.

Michael Glabicki of the American band Rusted Root acknowledges this album as a key influence on his own career exploring worldbeat music, saying, "I just kind of got locked into that sound.

Peter Gabriel's So kind of gave everyone the go-ahead that this could work in a popular fashion. For people like me who were exploring those sounds, the wonder of if it's going to work or not just went away at that point. Credits adapted from So ' s liner notes. The track numbers correspond to the original release. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Peter Gabriel. Pop art pop art rock progressive pop worldbeat. Charisma Virgin Geffen. Peter Gabriel Daniel Lanois.

Opening with the shakuhachi bamboo flute , [24] Gabriel uses a prominent horn section inspired by the music of American soul singer Otis Redding. Wayne Jackson , who toured with Redding in the s, plays the horn on the track. Though the "Sledgehammer" video's ubiquity has bludgeoned the song, its parent album is a marvel Excellent albums followed, but the breathtaking So is the best introduction to a dazzling discography.

David Buckley , a Kraftwerk biographer, wrote, "they were knocked back by how fantastic it sounded. They felt their record was puny sonically by comparison, even though it's a completely different genre of music". And, a great way is remixing your material into a killer EP before you bring the heat. When last we left you, Pound Of Flesh had just released Pills. A bit of time has past, but the band has been quite active in the last few years.

In a short space of time, Louisa Baker guitar and vocals , Morgan Pearce bass , and Ellie Daymond drums have come a long way. Good things can come in small packages, ask any rocker in the last twenty or more years. This one has EP all over it, baby! Far L'Amore Con Te That's Amore Botcha Me Ba Ba Baciami! Piccina Two Cigarettes In The Dark Volare Tu Vuo'Fa'L'Americano Magic Moments Non Ti Scordar Di Me Nessun Dorma Torna Among My Souvenirs Friendly Persuasion Thee I Love With These Hands Tracks of Disc 2 1.

I Will Wait 2. Arrivederci Roma 3. Buona Sera 4. Carina 5. Come Back To Sorento 6. Jealous Of You 8. Al Di La 9. Arrivederci Roma Here In My Heart Ciao, Ciao, Bambino Mamma Ritorna A M Luna Mezzo Mare Ma Come Balli Bella Bimba Moma Roma Santa Lucia Via Veneto Selena Come Back To Sorrento Innamorata Isle Of Capri No, Not Much Don't You Know Mona Lisa 2. Tonight My Love, Tonigth 3. True Love 4.

Sincerely 5. I Want To Be Wanted Send For Me Cry Me A River That Old Black Magic Where Or When Stardust Love Is A Hurtin' Thing When I Fall In Love Fever Memories Are Made Of This Wedding Bell Blues Precious and Few Gentle On My Mind And That Reminds Me Allegheny Moon Melodie d'Amour Melody Of Love Fascination Ebb Tide Tracks of Disc 4 1.

When I Fall In Love 2. Poor Little Fool 4. I Honestly Love You 5. She Believes In Me 6. One Less Bell To Answer 7. You Needed Me 9. Blue - The Fleetwoods You Belong To Me See The Funny Little Clown Dream Lover Never My Love Nobody Does It Better My Love If I Were A Carpenter My Eyes Adored You Beyond The Sea You Light Up My Life Come Rain or Come Shine I Cried A Tear A Lover's Question Young Love 3. Come Softly To Me 6. A Teenager's Romance 7. My Prayer 8. I'm Sorry 9.

Tammy One Summer Night A Million To One Since I Fell For You Our Day Will Come Venus Can't Help Falling In Love Love Can Make You Happy Devil Or Angel Hooked On A Feeling To Sir With Love I Just Can't Help Believing Tremblin' 3.

Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland 36 4. Let Me Be Your Boy 5. Think 6. Medicine Man 7. Misery 8. Tell It Like It Is 9. Don't Lie I'm Going Home You'll Lose A Good Thing No Love Like My Love Hello Stranger Every Dog Got His Day Soul Finger Tracks of Disc 2 1.

Harlem Shuffle 2. Trouble In Mind 3. Lucky Is My Name 4. Stand By Me 5. Give Me Your Love 7. Soul Man 8. My First Lonely Night 9. Hold It Walk With Me These Arms Of Mine Looking For A Love Gypsy Woman Say Hey Pretty Baby The Work Song To Be Loved By You I've Arrived Aw Mercy Tracks of Disc 3 1.

Spanish Harlem 2. I Found You 3. Oh Baby Doll 4. Miss Treatment 5. Waiting At The Station 6. Real Man 8. You Send Me River Of Salt The Blue Shadow Disillusioned Wherever I Lay My Hat Baby I'm Yours Sho' Don't Play My Book Shout Bamalama Can't Take It Out Of Left Field 3. Warm And Tender Love 5. Tell It Like It Is 2. My Baby Just Cares for Me 3. Fool in Love 4. Like to hear it?

The riffs and cowbell still knock a quarter-century later, but not as hard as the group's lacerating vocals, addressing any number of still-extant concerns of racial, sexual and demographical bias, and dismissing them all with a viciously disappointed " Don't be so shallow. Danity Kane, "Damaged" Pretty well, turns out, as the stunning don't-do-me-like-that missive became a Hot top 10 hit, helped make sophomore album Welcome to the Dollhouse the group's second straight number one, and reintroduced mentor Diddy to his early role of hype-whisperer, intoning with unusual gravity over the song's outro: " This too shall pass.

Hot No. The structure would prove enduring: Five years later, the group's boy-band successors at Motown would also hit No. Vanity 6, "Nasty Girl" Dream, "He Loves U Not" Dream weren't the most overpowering of vocalists, but they certainly got the point across on the immaculate chorus, finishing their own "He's into what he's got The Tammys, "Egyptian Shumba" A surreal narrative of a dream where "way down in Egypt land, our mummies took our hand," "Egyptian Shumba" missed the charts but guaranteed its place in the cult canon by virtue of sheer insanity.

The song's woozy harmonies and delirious, exotic instruments are quickly overtaken by shrieking, chanting and grunting from the seemingly possessed Tammys, who successfully combined musical kitsch with unhinged screaming 15 years before the B's' debut. Little Mix, "Black Magic" Dixie Cups, "Chapel of Love" A song that will live as long as people are getting ma-a-a-ried in indoor Christian buildings of worship, anyway , "Chapel of Love" thrives with a sing-song chorus that turns a vow of eternity into a veritable day at the beach.

You could say that the Dixie Cups showed their youthful naivete in singing of marriage as the permanent end to all personal problems "And we'll never be lonely anymore! Girls Aloud, "Biology" Girls Aloud should have been enormous in the States; by extension, multiple Girls Aloud singles should have been inescapable in the U. Look no further than "Biology," one of the most fascinatingly structured girl group songs ever. Constantly building and re-shifting until Nadine Coyle emphatically declares "You can't mistake my biology!

The Crystals, "He's a Rebel" With three words, The Crystals -- well, t echnically The Blossoms , but who's counting -- set up ther romantic archetype that would pervade the rest of girl group history, establishing the bad boy as the forever object of good-girl obsession.

Within a few years, The Shangri-Las were hooking up with a motorcycle gang leader , Martha and the Vandellas were idealizing their Wild One , and all was right with the world. It took the star power of the Dolls, a singing group that started as a burlesque act, to get it all the way to No. Martha and the Vandellas, "Dancing in the Street" The Chiffons, "One Fine Day" The Shangri-Las were one of the most ambitious girl groups of their era, with their big hits miniature melodramas that invited time-signature changes, seagull samples, and all sorts of gadgetry that Phil Spector and the Beatles would get the real credit for.

It's all about girl power, of course, with the Spice Girls donning action-film alter egos in the "Say You'll Be There" music video and kicking ass while forever having each other's backs. Underneath the bubblegum melodies, however, is a daring bit of almost Dr.

Dre-like '90s G-pop production -- and hands up if you expected the harmonica solo disrupting the back half of this one the first time you heard it. The Angels, "My Boyfriend's Back" Originally intended for The Shirelles, the sparse, sneering demo from The Angels was strong enough to release as an official single and top the Hot Like so many '60s girl group classics, half the fun of this one comes courtesy of the backup singers, whose taunting vocals inform a certain cad he's about to get his ass whooped for spreading lies about a girl -- now that, you know, her boyfriend's back.

The deliciously braying "hey-la, hey-la"s take center stage, but shout-out to lead singer Linda Jansen for imbuing the lyric "He's kind of big, and he's awful strong" with enough pheromones to give the G-rated lyrics an NC17 subtext.

The best thing about the "I'm So Excited" music video, filmed and released in disco's waning moments in , is the ending: the dance party that the Pointer Sisters are leading simply does not end, as the attendees dance away out of the shot, seemingly leaving the club to go wreak joyful havoc in the streets.

That's the type of persistence that "I'm So Excited" still packs, 35 years later -- whenever its pristinely contained craziness is heard, it's hard to shake the giddiness even as the music fades out.

The Marvelettes, "Please Mr. Postman" Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy" For years, Girls' Generation not only ruled Korea's girl-group scene but the country's entire zeitgeist, earning a string of No. While the single still divides some listeners for not being as easy to swallow as effervescent GG classics like "Gee," "Oh!

It remains a jukebox favorite in the former steel town. The Motown songwriting-production team Holland-Dozier-Holland gave the label some of its best material, including this Hot No. Buoyed by one of the most underrated and subtly influential bass lines in pop history and an irrepressible church music energy, Diana Ross' dexterous vocals transition from a fragile coo at the song's heartbroken start into a joyous defiance at the midway point, demonstrating 1 Ross' subtle genius and 2 that mama's always right.

The debut album from the Pipettes, 's We Are The Pipettes , begins with a title track that credibly positions the trio as throwback, polka-dot-wearing pop saviors beamed in from another planet. The songs that follows on the album's track list is "Pull Shapes," a whirlwind of a single that felt of an alien area but sounded wholly realized. The Pipettes weren't long for this world -- two of the three members departed following their debut -- but we're sure glad they stopped by.

If you need a leg up in your pop career, you can always do a lot worse than a boost from the King himself. The Double! The U! The V! For at least three months out of every year, "Cruel Summer" fills a musical void no other song does -- by articulating all the ways the dog days prove an annual drag, without adding to the problems by being an outright bummer itself.

Bananarama's signature '80s hit pulls it off by marrying a pitch-perfect vocal of resentful teenage ennui with a fantastically funky electro-pop bounce and the " I Can't Get No Satisfaction" of xylophone riffs, creating a jam as sticky as melting tar and as addictive as Dippin' Dots -- but one less for the kids partying at the beach than for the loners staring across the ocean.

The drums are just so busy , and the knot of women singing ties together beautifully at the end of those tangled verses -- let's not even get started on the sax breaks.

An excellent combination of sonic and lyrical ambition. TLC possesses a treasure trove of rock-solid singles, but the patience of the production and storytelling on "Waterfalls" made it an all-timer. As the trio rocks over velvet beats and canned horns, narratives of drug-related violence and an HIV-related death push pop music to do better, be smarter, say more. TLC's legacy is enshrined in songs like "Waterfalls," a smash hit that's still powerfully progressive 20 years later.

This No. Teenage tragedy songs were a pre-British Invasion fad in American pop, and most are impossible to listen to without smiling at the soap opera-levels of histrionics.

Sister Sledge is an American musical group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in and consisted of four sisters: Debbie Sledge (born July 9, ), Joni Sledge (September 13, – March 10, ), Kim Sledge (born August 21, ), and Kathy Sledge (born January 6, ). The group is best known for their hit songs "We Are Family.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Baby, It's The Rain on Discogs. Label: Cotillion - • Format: Vinyl 7 Sister Sledge - Baby, It's The Rain (, Vinyl) | Discogs.
  2. Label: Cotillion - SD • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Presswell Pressing • Country: US • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Disco Sister Sledge - Together (, Presswell Pressing, Vinyl) | Discogs Explore/5(30).
  3. Sister Sledge were an R&B vocal group from Philadelphia consisting of sisters Debra, Joni, Kim & Kathy Sledge. They issued numerous albums throughout the 's & 's. They are best known for their big hit "We Are Family". Even though that album has been /5(5).
  4. SISTER SLEDGE - together LP - napotpickratmures.alsupvestraclimodukbestlicenttacta.co Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account CDs & Vinyl Go Search Hello Select your address Today's Deals Best Sellers Find a Gift Customer Service Registry New /5(4).
  5. 'Cause baby, it's the rain (Baby, it's the rain) Ooh ooh ooh ooh I know life goes on And I'll try to forget I see our good I see our good love dying And it's so sad But I know the tears can't Can't keep you back Baby, it's the rain (Baby, it's the rain) Nothing but the rain (Nothing but the rain) No, no, I'm not crying (Oh no) I'm smiling again.
  6. "Baby, It's The Rain" lyrics - SISTER SLEDGE. SISTER SLEDGE " Baby, It's The Rain " (Michael Kunze / Silvester Levay) Lyrics for "Baby, It's The Rain" by SISTER SLEDGE are not available yet Together () Blockbuster Boy; Do The Funky Do; I Was Made To Love Her; Hold On To This Feeling; As; Sneaking Sally Through The Alley; Funky Family;.
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  8. Baby, it's the rain (Baby, it's the rain) Nothing but the rain It looks like I'm crying (Oh yeah) But you're not to blame (You're not the blame) 'Cause baby, it's the rain (Baby, it's the rain) Ooh ooh ooh ooh I know life goes on And I'll try to forget I see our good I see our good love dying And it's so sad But I know the tears can't Can't.

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