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Edward P. Say KI. He was born No;. He worked for Union Piieif- ic Railroad Co. Naval Ordinance PItml in Pocatello.

He returned to Pocatello ami then moved to Kimberly in where he hod since resided. San Clrmcnto. Utah; 13 grundebihin'M and ane great- grandchild. The fuiiLTiiI ivill lie at p. Wolduii Shuman nllici- aling. Cremiilion will fallow at While Creiiiiilory: Friends lifay call from 1- ]um. Saturday at tlie iniirluary. The family suggests ineinonals may be made to the Kiinberly i. She was liorn -Inly 20, , in Clairfield, Tcnn.. Kd and Kslal Roberts. Mimriay at White. Friends may call I'nmi ' ji.

A runera! Burial will be in the Rupert Cenio- 'tory. Friends may c. The riiiiiily - suggest-'i tbiil memorials be given to. Ilurial will be in till' Rupert Cemetery, Friends may cult the mnrtuiiry pricr to tin- iier- vice and at tile church iirior to mass Siilurday. Friends may cull nt tlu- puir- luary one hour prior to the service.

DH Stake Center. Friends may call at While MorUiary t'. Burial -will be in Sunset. Xtemoriiil Park. Burial will follow in Sunset Memtinal Park tvitb military rite'i by the M.

Joph ii. Vila I-. Walker, , of Rupert, who died. Friends may coll. It tile cliapel one huur prior, to the funeral. ArrocgeiiU'nta are un- der the direction of ilan-eii.

Twin Falls pays the. Idaho's federal judges recently ap- proved the idoii, said Jerry L. Clapp, clerk of tlie U. Clapp faces a two-step proce. Ju- dicial Council inu. Clapp, in rc. Under the current system, litigants must drive to Boise or Pocatello for henrings- That means bankrupt clienLs and their creditors niusl pay attorneys for travel time.

Heyburn City Council listens to new door-to-door ordinance The'l'ime. At that lime they will be required to give a home base phone number and. Heyburn resident Roxanne Peter. Uscolu had asked tho c junci! Peterson will fini. The three dislricl. Superintendent of Public Instruc- tion Jerry Evans said that nf the Hoard of Education. That moan. Tihe did her own study to prove her point.. She hypothetically combined 22 district. Francos Field, R-Grand View. If the city expands ihi,' library, the addition' would co.

The bi-level addition would be built on the existing parking lot, ac- cording to the scale model. A library con, suiting firm that last summer studied library expansion needs for the city suggested liie city would need to buy three to five neighboring rosideiuial lots for a parking lot.

The S2IO. OQO federal grant is con- tingent on the city's ability to match the grant money, which it could do if residents approve a library building project in a bond election. Cali said.

He said the city has not been given a time limit for using the money. A deadline will likely be given once stable, city. AiImiltc'H Jt. Cliarlr, Hi'i S i. Ailinittcd R. The ruling raises luestions'of fed- eral conslitut'onal law that ultimate- ly will have to be decided by the U. Supreme Court, he said, and Idaho'. Supreme Court acts. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued c ustom ers.

Thank you. They asked the Senate Commerce. Bakker Brothers and countless others are sending trucks nut in the evening for arrival in Los Angeles the following morning. The Clear Lmkes Grade project would a. Instead they must travel miles out of their' way onHighway. The grade was built in the s for Model-T's, he said. It is only 18 to- 20 feet wido, has no guard rails, an unstable base built over the aquifer and a 10 percent grade, he said.

Yet during the fresh com pack, trucks travel it every four minutes carrying com to the Green Giant plant and carry silage away. If a truck should break through the road and spill diesel fuel into the wa- ter running constantly beneath the bottom of the grade, thousands of fish at nearby hatcheries coidd'be killed and the water polluted, he said.

The state Transportation Depart- ment has agreed the grade needs to be replaced, biit McRoberts estimat- ed that construction is 10 years away yet. The project would cost S2. OncMntinod, the teachers -wili 'form a "core tttim" If provide 'a sy. She pltiiis to use the program' to educaUt parents and. The pro- gram is doing very well she said, Money to fund the training of the core team will come from a grant written by Remnley Inst year.

The federal grant requires the school to include public participation. The program is implemented to n variety of degrees in schools around t iG Magic Valley. The school, however, will be on tlic ad- vised list until it has a certified prin- cipal.

The secondary. In other action, Ihe-life-lime sports , class received board approval to use. The class will ski Mogie recreation area Feb. Student's will perform both instrumental and voice solos, The date and time is to be an- nounced. The pro reported the Winlorfcsl program u success. The organization mode about Slj on. The Bureau of air quality will in- stall a monitor on the roof of the ele- mentary school, building.

The moni- tor will be read weekly by the sixth grade teacher, Terry Dowd. The board approved a waiver from the. The cases were dis-. The next regularly schedulud School Board meeting will bo at 4 p. The dote and time is changed due to the Pre.

Thu' new council per. Anyone inter- e. Schlund reported that there had been. Some weeds have been removed, he said, and "as soon as the weather improves well pursue this further. The council decided that itrwii!

The speed limit through town i. Castleford has two police officers but both work ns police only part time and are not able to patrol after. In other bu-siness, the council re- minds city re. Council lirard a report this week im the con- liiliiin of residential drinking water. Tiie color is caie'i'ii hy leni]inrary elevations of imn and manganese, but the levels li.

Allred reported his feasibility study on tlie computer equipment needed for the city utility company.

After liearing his finding. Bids will be oiieoed at the M. T LMji Horiii U- Reg. Largo l-PoundcrYam. Hio, Idaho B-5 uia! Idaho ? V Hart Man M.

Sat 10 A. Sun Noon - 5 P. Lovely scarves with a foTiinine. R called off the. Jose Pa. Leon Daugherty, had acknowledged the airport control tower's autho- riz-ution of a safety altitude of 3, feet during the landing approach. Forcoa Day, diplom'ate'ih Baghdad report. Reports of ihe-eoup attempt conto'red on air foretj-. Some diplomats in the Iraqi capital said the plan wnS for three air force planes to bomb the president's ' reviewing stand.

Others said the attempt was made while Hussein. Sbo miliUry ofiicors and members of tire ruling Boalh Sooialiat Party were cxocided. The diplomats speculate that plotters may ha've. Earlier "rcport. It was to refuel on San- ta Maria i.

The radio said Thursday's riot was quickly subdued by prison guards and there were no casualties. Police said an Israeli settler killed when hi. Burmese workers to R. The radio gave no details on the receive pay boost amount of raises, which it said wiiL. The cost of many consumer goods, including food, have ri. Boxed Chocolates 1" Value. In other first-round gamc. Declo will square off against the Filer-Lapwai loser in n losor-oul con- test at 2 p.

Prairie, , will meet We. Tanner, who had four steals in the fir. Tanner's backenurt Inaie' Tliais Kidd was a. But wc also blocked out lot better on rebounds in the second half. They were relea. It's Friday, Feb. Tckay went from the basement to the penthuuse while Dielrieb took the opposite ride in the fir.

M;ick:iy center Amy l-:irson scored with lbn:e seconds remaining to give ,M;ickay a. In other garne. Oakley and Kendrick were playing in the ni ;litcap at pre.

SiaU'ii appeared to have set- tled a tight game liy hanking in u lliree-poinlcr aiul sendirtg 'the Blue Devils up But after attaining sidecoun, Mackay wont to the time- out and ciimc back with a plan that railed for point guard Adriiinno Hall, w'ith four three-pointers already in liand, U lake tlie inside pa. Dietrich ByBOB. He was Hop- ing to inji-c. Wili urn. Lapwas By BlLi. These are auiU Uii. Their legendary To-jmme v.

School-ill Ariino - ' I wouldn't miiuhbi'm winning a few iiioru. It's nothing personal. I'd jii. The scnitive viciiirie.. Ninety-five percent of tlie lifts and runs are in "operation. Huurs today: 9 u. Romercllc — Bumerelle re- ported temperatures in tlie liigh S on Thursday, with 12U inch- es Ilf snow at the top of the moumain and 87 inche.

Market in Ru- pert at H anil the Declo ser-' vice station at 9. Tli";irdws-in:iH lliisTieen" plowed and saiuieii, hut snow tires nr ehaiu. Bus service will run from 'I'win Falls — Ailf.

Mountain —. Bus "FfrviCo uil! Nlarket in i i an-eii at l,5 a. Hours todav:! Metinwhile, the tliree of the best women's teams in the region will. CSl Ittis two and Ricks now ha. The kev i. If we could win these - two this weekend, we would definite- ly be in. A split probably would gel us there. On the men's. North Idaho, coming up with its quickest starling five in a couple of year. Ricks, I for the season, is lied for eighthplaceiirthe tO-t mim s vp mr with a record, Trenkle said Bob Holker, averaging 20 jxiirU.

The Vikings alsp liave three- point potential in their guard line, "I2von whetn Ricks has boon lo. Ricks i. CSI, now overall and lT-1 in tile region, is seeking it. They shot so well, especially in the first half, it was un- believable. Five or six minutes into thtr game'we're ahead They did it by" running the ball down our throats. At Nurlh- ldaho 1. He silid if the Eagles decide on that, fre. TipofT time is p. The women's games will be- pn at Bruins can-finish season above.

They also have good outside sIkhiI- A-storquio said offensively the Ea- gles, for the season, have loos- ened up a little, looking a little more fur the break or tran. QID I — "I think there are three keys to -winning-iliis- one," luj-uinliuued. Seconth we have. But I think it's pretty much true. But Darrington missed her second foul shot, and Dowton rebounded the ball to teammate Renee Foreslier on the break. Her cripple was the game- breaker, giving Cliallis a lead with i:I3 left.

But the Hornets couldn't gel closer. Fisher had 21 point-s and 10 re- bounds for the Vikings. The iVates twice had tried to se arate from Malad, getting 10 poin from Ivorie. Retrieved September 9, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved August 14, New York: Random House. The New York Times. Retrieved August 15, Retrieved August 16, Retrieved August 17, Retrieved August 18, October 12, USA Today. Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved June 24, Retrieved February 12, The Tennessean. Retrieved May 25, January 19, Music Business Worldwide.

May 14, Retrieved May 14, April 9, Retrieved August 8, Freedom June 26, The Washington Post. Retrieved August 22, Avril Lavigne. Archived from the original MP3 audio on May 21, Retrieved October 5, Retrieved May 2, Retrieved December 20, Retrieved December 29, Retrieved February 5, This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Masked gang shoot two men and stab another near a children's play area in Birmingham before attackers fled Ghost of Teutoburg Forest massacre emerges after 2, years: Armour of Roman legionary who was 'sacrificed' Museum curator who sparked outrage after tweeting a guide about vandalising 'racist' statues using Woke 'cancel culture' is a form of bullying and 'no platforming' an attack on free speech, pupils will be Britain's two biggest double-glazing firms Everest and Anglian Windows are slammed by watchdog for Lockdown in France's second city: Marseille residents protest at closure of restaurants, bars and gyms SAGE scientist predicts Britain will record Covid deaths a day within three or four weeks and says the Snitches and snoopers, students and the elderly shut away Sadiq Khan wants Londoners banned from visiting friends and family: Mayor urges PM to outlaw house visits Operation Save Christmas: Boris Johnson will do 'whatever it takes' to ensure families can gather with mass The wedding crashers: Police storm newlyweds' reception party and shut it down after dozens of guests cram The ghostly 'lighthouse' lab that's proof testing is on the rocks: Wales' health minister said it would open Royal auntie to be!

Princess Beatrice wears a leopard print face mask and black frock as she steps out with Bookies reveal their early picks for names after Royal Family 'are a bargain': British monarchy works harder and costs taxpayers less than their European Sundays on AM Sarley also runs a Web site for outdoors enthusiasts, OExperience.

He can be reached by email at sarfishing yahoo. Johnsburg: Doherty 46, Matejka 47, Fisher 48, Blankenship Acosta , No. Andrews and Carnoustie, 60 to feet down in the water column. Harvard: Linhart 41, Isonhart 46, Smith 61, Wright Mollitor CL Skoog DC Trebat DC Portincaso CL Bucholc DC Mucha DC Kenaga DC Fritz CL Gray CL Dalbke CL Pieroni CL Pflanz DC Damato DC , 5.

Swanson DC Alcock CL Clough DC Shorten CL Maguire CL Merkelz DC Wasilewski DC Sullivan CL Byker CL Sanchez DC Damato DC Buckingham , No. Smith , No. Jimenez , Doubles No. Waters MC d. Knuth , No. Majewski , , Doubles No. Yavari , No. Ivanovich , Doubles No. Lopez , No. Michell , Doubles No. Hougland , No. Datta , Doubles No. Lake Forest at Carmel Quad, p.

Edward at Marian Central, 4 p. Utah St. Michigan at W. Carolina 12 60 East Carolina Florida St. Iowa 1 47 at Minnesota at Colorado St. Virginia at Ohio St. Mexico San Diego St. Fresno St. Minnesota, noon N. Jets at Tennessee, p. Washington at Oakland, p. Dallas at San Diego, p. Philadelphia at Denver, p.

New England at Atlanta, p. Open: Carolina, Green Bay. Giants 0 3 0. Louis 1 2 0. Jets 2 1 0. Giants at Kansas City, noon Seattle at Houston, noon. California, p. Wake Forest, p. Arizona, 6 p. Schedule: Thursday-Sunday.

Notes: The bulk of the field is made up of players in the top 75 on the Web. The top 25 on the Web. Schedule: Friday-Sunday. TV: Golf Channel Friday, Last year: Kirk Triplett won his first Champions Tour title, closing with a Last week: Mark Wiebe won the Hawaii Championship for his second victory of the year, beating Corey Pavin with a par on the second hole of a playoff.

Tom Kite won the Crosby and U. Open at Pebble Beach. The final round will be played at Pebble Beach. Andrews and Carnoustie, Scotland. Courses: St. Grace opened with a 60 at Kingsbarns. Before I got pregnant, my husband and I enjoyed having wine with dinner or a margarita when we were out on the town. I want him to suffer with me, and this is really getting on my nerves. Any advice? Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. Get out and participate in activities you enjoy that include like-minded people.

Seek advice within the disabled community in person or online from individuals who have more experience with dating than you do. Tell your husband that when he drinks in front of you, it makes you crave alcohol, and ask again that he respect your feelings and not do it. A considerate husband and father-to-be should respect that you are doing the heavy lifting literally and help all he can. I have not had a date in years. I wish you the best of luck. This has been going on for almost 10 years.

He has talked to her about it, but nothing has changed. In The South Dear Aunt: That you have tolerated this for 10 years tells me you and your husband are kindhearted and responsible people, and I respect that.

However, fathers have a legal responsibility to support their children, and your sister-inlaw should make sure it happens whether that involves hiring an attorney to help or applying for funds from the state to see her boys are taken care of. Dear Dr. K: Why does my stomach sometimes make growling noises? Dear Reader: Maybe your stomach is trying to talk to my stomach. Stomach noises happen in everyone, although they seem to plague some people more than others. For centuries, people have associated stomach growling with hunger.

And could these growling noises ever be a sign of illness? First, a little anatomy. The abdomen the belly is where the noise is coming from. The abdomen includes most of the digestive system: the stomach and intestines. The mouth, throat and esophagus the swallowing tube are above the abdomen. The digestive system is really a series of tubes. It moves food from the mouth to the stomach and small intestine, where it is digested. ASK DR.

Anthony Komaroff digestion down the large intestine and out of the body. The movement of food, and then of waste, occurs by the process called peristalsis.

Peristalsis is an organized, sequential squeezing of the tubes of the digestive system. The stomach and intestines are filled with a mix of solid material, fluid and air. Often air and liquid are mixed up and rearranged by peristalsis. This causes the odd noises you sometimes hear. When a doctor puts a stethoscope on your abdomen, he or she can often hear the gurgling noises, even if they are not loud enough for you to hear.

The gurgling noises are called borbyrygmi. Occasional stomach growling is entirely normal. In fact, if you have abdominal pain, doctors worry more when the gurgling is absent than when it is present. Hearing no bowel sounds in someone who has abdominal pain could be an indication of an inflamed pancreas,.

Also, most people who come out of major surgery have exceptionally quiet digestive tracts. On rare occasions, a growling stomach may indicate illness. Growling sounds also may change if you have a partial or complete intestinal blockage or obstruction. Finally, a noisy abdomen does not necessarily mean you are hungry. A much more reliable sign is actually feeling hungry. Komaroff at www. Enjoy an elegant evening on Wednesday, October 2, as we honor our Best Under 40 award recipients and celebrate their achievements.

The Best Under 40 award is given to McHenry County professionals under the age of 40 who have made significant contributions to their profession, company and community. Applies to Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram vehicles only. Other exclusions apply, see our Service Department for details. Must purchase four oil changes to be used at this dealership within 24 months to qualify.

Includes up to. Offer applies to Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram vehicles only. See our service department for restrictions and details. Offer exp. Why go to three different car dealers for three different vehicles? Did you know we can service other makes and models? Discount is taken from the original parts price and must be presented at time of purchase.

Magneti Marelli are parts offered by Mopar for Non-Chrysler vehicles. Depending on your service needs, Magneti Marelli, which is offered by Mopar, can have the parts necessary to repair your non-Chrysler vehicle.

Ask our Service or Parts Department for details. No other details were provided. Daniel Day-Lewis looks like Hoagy Carmichael. Fleming gave him all his traits, his tastes, his likes and dislikes — and his complexes. Bond has a dark side. He weeps quite easily. And he makes mistakes. He has just turned 45 and is feeling his age. The partnership will include limited-edition Jay-Z designs including watches and a humidor, along with products from Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin, Proenza Schouler and other designers, all in a palette of black, white, gold and silver.

Ted is played by series star Josh Radnor. Country singer David Frizzell is Singer Bryan Ferry is Actress Mary Beth Hurt is Country singer Lynn Anderson is Singer Olivia Newton-John is Singer-guitarist Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos is Country singer Carlene Carter is Actress Linda Hamilton is Country singer Doug Supernaw is Singer Cindy Herron of En Vogue is Actor Jim Caviezel is The store previously collaborated with Lady Gaga.

The Jay-Z collection will be available beginning Nov. More celeb news at PlanitNorthwest. You might get to see those new guys more. Most will attend the weekend show at Pheasant Run Resort to see the more than exhibits, but a few will be there to take advantage of the advertised headliners, including Nicole Curtis and Lou Manfredininini.

They may not be household names in Chicago and. Fix It on WGN radio. For information, visit www. Raised in Detroit, Curtis currently lives in Minneapolis but will rehabilitate old houses in any city or state of the country. Both are in demand, which helps explain why they are limiting themselves to only a few hours each at the show. Manfredini will be featured noon to 2 p. Saturday and Curtis takes the spotlight noon to 2 p.

Curtis probably gets more attention online due to her personal life rather than for what she does for a living. Divorced and a single mother, the rehabber got into television via her appearance.

Photos provided. Nicole Curtis took a distressed front porch of a house in Minnesota and restored it to original condition.

Master-craftsman hardwood flooring with exotic-wood inlays. Wholehouse fan. Full English-Lookout basement. Patio, new deck, new fence, beautiful mature landscaping.

Excellent school district. Super-large custom home. Oversized, extra-big rooms include Living room, family room, bonus room, recreation room. Heated 3-season Sun Room. Finished partial basement. Gas Fireplace. Central Vacuum.

All appliances included. Water frontage with pier on Fish Creek. Big Hollow Schools. See www. Almost 1 acre parcel. Call for details! Unique custom home, quality of workmanship shows! Gorgeous wooded, private lot at end of cul-de-sac. Custom built, one owner. River Rights! A Paradise Retreat! Coincidentally, there was this really horrific glamour shots photo of me on my website, and when a production assistant at Magnetic Productions was scanning for blond real estate agents for the show, they saw it.

But, Curtis also has the talent. Curtis not only buys and renovates but, since she is a Realtor, sells the rehabilitated property. She is a resourceful, refreshing restoration machine. Careful What You Wish For. Christmas Is Almost Here Again. Me'shell Ndegeocello. The Essential Simon and Garfunkel. For Never and Ever. Jagged Edge. Measure of a Man. The Movie Album. The Remixes. Country Life. Come Feel Me Tremble. Everything to Everyone.

Group Therapy. Kickin' It at the Barn. Lambhouse: The Collection Logic Will Break Your Heart. Puss 'n' Boots. The Very Best Of. A Very Special Acoustic Christmas. What's Wrong With This Picture? The Flag of Punishment. Paradinome: Koi ni Mi o Yudanete.

In Time: The Best of R. Through the Ashes of Empires. Harry for the Holidays. Modern ARTillery. Must I Paint You a Picture? The Essential Billy Bragg. The Rise of Brutality. The Journey Continues. Against Me! Underworld — The Fall of Troy.

Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. Deck the Halls, Bruise Your Hand. Ghosts of the Great Highway. Here Comes That Weird Chill. Avril Lavigne: My World. The Preacher's Son. The Sceptre of Deception. Sixty Six to Timbuktu. This Left Feels Right. Ultimate Toni Braxton. The Very Best of Sheryl Crow. Salvation Lies Within. Ladies Night. Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai. Live from Faraway Stables. State of Mind. The Essential Bruce Springsteen.

Soundtrack to the Apocalypse. Thank You. Train of Thought. Tupac: Resurrection. The Black Album. A Present for Everyone. Tales of a Librarian. Ashanti's Christmas. At Last. The Biggest and the Best. Body Language. The Central Park Concert. Hank Williams, Jr. Live at Largo. Live in Texas. Number Ones. One Wish: The Holiday Album. Revolutionary Vol. Room To Breathe. Under Construction, Part II. Weekend Warrior.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Take a Look in the Mirror. Blitzen Trapper. Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention. Films about Ghosts. Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium. Rage Against the Machine. Now and Forever: The Hits. Part II. The Singles The Firebird Suite - Archives. When Goodbye Means Forever I Killed the Prom Queen. Comin' on Strong.

The Diary of Alicia Keys. Just as I Am. Big Money Heavyweight. Tha Dogg: Best of the Works.

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